November 9, 2010

Hillside Green

Remember our red kitchen? 
This very RED kitchen that I talked about here. Well, it's still going through transitions. After priming the kitchen white to wash away the ugly as seen here:

And after a failed green paint attempt, as mentioned here.

We finally discovered our perfect kitchen color. Hillside Green by Benjamin Moore. As seen here:

Definitely more subtle than that first bright green. This is the green that we were looking for!! Until we lived with it for a week or so and forgot about this:

Our kitchen has one tiny window that lets in exactly zero light.  Not good. We soon realized that if the sun is not out in full blast, our kitchen looks quite dark and rather unwelcoming. Though you cannot tell by looking at the photo, trust me it's not a place that you'd want to hang out. Guess it's time to pull out the trusty paint fan again.

Oh why does there have to be so many colors to choose from!!!? Clearly Benjamin (Moore) and Sherwin (Williams) have absolutely no idea how hard they're making my life.

O'well, time to try again. I'm sure we'll get it right next time.


1 comment:

Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments. I feel your pain with choosing paint. I'm NEVER hardly ever happy with my choices. I may love it on someone else's wall, but not my own. I am currently looking for the perfect kitchen color too. Good luck!! BTW, I think your green is very pretty. :)


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