August 30, 2010

Red Kitchen, Meet White Primer

So to get myself out of my celebrating our first Christmas in an unfinished house funk, I decided that while Chris was out of town I'd wash away all the red in the kitchen.

Now, I'm sure there's a right way to paint and a wrong way. Clearly it looks like I'm so doing it the wrong way. Shouldn't I have at least covered the appliances!?

This is a prime example of what not to do. No tips coming from me folks! This is what you do when you are impatient and eager to end the anxiety that erupts each time you look at that crazy red paint!!

I hear it each time I watch HGTV. They say, if you want to sell your house get rid of the bright taste specific colors. Now, I wasn't selling but I was living in a taste that didn't belong to Chris and I.

All I knew is MUST COVER RED, anything less would be uncivilized he, he, he. I know that made zero sense but I felt a great need to quote the old commercial. As a matter of fact, I don't even remember what commercial it was I just remember the line. Anyways on to what I was talking about.

Chris was shocked to see the wall covered when he got home. It was kind of funny, he said "man it's brighter in here" not realizing exactly why it was so bright. Then BOOM it hit him. "You painted (primed) the walls!"

We have one tiny window in our kitchen so it really is the darkest room in the house. We were so happy to see the white primer. This is probably the only time that a white wall is a good thing.

We'd later learn, that we should have used a gray primer instead of a white primer to cover up such a bold color. After another coat of white, all red was finally gone. Ignore that red behind the stove, I really wasn't feeling moving appliances. Also ignore the red behind the refrigerator that you can't see.



Kim @ Don't Kid Yourself said...

Clicked on your blog from All Things G&D- we had a very similar kitchen (although about half the size :-P). Once we painted over the old owners red, it was amazing how much bigger and brighter the space looked! Now you just have to decide on a paint color for the walls...that's the tough part-- I'm very indecisive.

All Things G&D put up a post about my kitchen's before and after. Paint is my friend :)

Dad. ,Curtis G. said...

Your Kitchen looks absolutely mauvolously primed. You seem to know exactly what you are doing... Good Job.....You might want to apply for a job with that TV show "THIS OLD HOUSE". I think that you would be a good fit!!! Once again "Goood JOB"...Dad


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