September 21, 2010

Why Paint Once?

When you can paint two times, or maybe even three times...THE SAME WALL!!! As you might have guessed by now. We have several projects going on at once here.  The kitchen, the dining room, the front porch area etc. Why you may ask? Because there are so many things that need attention and I have a serious problem focusing on just one. Especially when while working on that one project I see the others lurking in the background!!

Chris totally has the right idea about working on one thing at a time. He's convinced that I have some weird form of house attention deficit disorder...and I kind of do. But I can't help it and some of it is not my fault. For example, have you ever been fooled by a paint fan? While looking through that paint fan at that perfect shade of green for your kitchen, you oh so gleefully make your way to the store to get the paint. When you get home, you open the can, get the roller to put it on your kitchen wall and it looks like this!

We can call this electric, neon, blind me green! Yea that's exactly the color that I want in the kitchen. How frustrating... so since this was not right, why not proceed with that perfect shade of orange that we purchased for the accent wall in the dining room! Yea that's an idea, just keep making progress. Oh, and lets not forget to use that gray primer that the guy told us to get to make the burnt orange pop!

That's right folks. What you are observing here is failed attempt number 2. Look at that crazy flat looking super bright orange color! And the gray primer was a joke. That orange would have looked bad either way. We'd have to wear sunglasses just to eat in this dining room. So as the photo shows, I proceeded with taking down that hideous trim. I know what you might be thinking. Why on earth was I painting when their was still trim on the wall. Now, I never said that I was a professional at this home renovation thing; and I do have that little focus on one thing problem. But hey, check out that mighty fine trim removal job!!

Progress baby!!...kind of :-)



KarenSue said...

Hi Tatum! I love seeing new people in blog land. I have been doing this for a year now and still feel new. I thought it would just fade away like most things I think I will do. I LOVE IT!
Anyway, painting is a love hate thing for me. I make myself crazy picking colors and then go back to tan. I do need to get out of my box.
I will be following you to see what happens with this kitchen.
Enjoy your week!

~Cherie said...

Hey Tito! It's Cherie and Stone Cold. We very much enjoyed your latest blog post. Your multiple painting projects are very amusing to us. I have house ADD as well. I also have some Adderall to help me focus. Happy blogging and keep us all posted.


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