August 19, 2010

The Kitchen, Very RED Kitchen

You've seen how the living and dining rooms looked when we moved in but now it's time to introduce you to the kitchen:

Thoughts? Anyone? Anyone? Well, our thoughts were...WOW this is really red, and an ugly red at that, and the color scheme was so not us. Something about the red walls with the gray counter-tops and the wood grain cabinets just didn't quite work for us.  Our neighbors said the prior homeowners were obsessed with Ohio State and one day just painted the kitchen red. From the looks of the area on the far wall, it looks like before it was red it was gray. I think you call that, obsession to a fault.

Our second thought when we entered the kitchen was, hmm, this is a pretty decent size! That was definitely a plus. 

That go-go-gadget box on the island is the home inspectors toolkit, feel free to ignore.

Here's another angle for your viewing pleasure:

Oh yea...there was a third thought. Where are the appliances? The home came with one broken dishwasher. Beautiful right? In the midst of everything else we were going to have to break out the checkbook! Ahh the joys of buying large appliances in bulk... Not happening. Needless to say, we ate out quite a few times when we first moved in. It may have been pricey, but it was fun.

The floors were equally quite tragic:

I can't even explain this. We hear they had a little dog or two, but it looks to me that they had Wolverine...literally Wolverine from X-Men. This theory was further explored when we noticed the same scratches on the kitchen wall about 7ft. high! Yes we had our work cut out for us but we were ready to jump in.



Anonymous said...

It looks orange in the picture but if I believe you when you say it's guys really have your work cut out for you!

 Tatum said...

Hey Brianne-- Thanks for commenting. The kitchen was rather bright. I can see how it would look orange but it's just a really really bad version of a red.

Laura said...

LOL my kitchen was also red... It took so long to paint and I did it at night after the kids had gone to bed!! Lx


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