November 16, 2010

Tall Wall, Very Tall Wall

Remember when we first put some decor in our living room, causing me great satisfaction?

Well I don't think I mentioned it then but this particular wall is 10 feet tall. Pretty high huh? Well that was just the far side of one wall. Starting there, our wall begins to vault, up to about 20 feet:

This wall, presently looking rather blank is a rather tall order in our book. What to do what to do. Maybe we should fill the space with a large clock:

Now that is a ginormous clock. It's bigger than the TV stand (which is another cluttered eyesore that I must rectify). Do they actually make clocks this large? Or is this a shoddy attempt at photoshop on my end lol?

O.k. so much for the clock. How about some artwork:

Now this is rather pretty. Lets see how it would look on the tall wall:

Much better than the clock don't you think? However it still doesn't quite do it for me. And this photo is only showing a section of the wall. Remember, the vault started at 10 feet so there is quite a bit of space to the right that is not captured on this photo. I think we need to fill the space a bit more. How about some snazzy frames! Frames that look a little like this:

Only minus the random strangers in it, and times 9

Ahh I'm liking this much better. Thoughts? And I now admit, that I am a photoshop novice as clearly noticeable in the equally flawed 9 frames. But hey, practice makes perfect right?


I'm also linking to Make It 4 Monday at Cottage Instincts! And Inspiration Friday at Southern In My Heart


Debbie said...

Tatum I love the last really seems to go with your style too. I laughed at the random strangers because I just happen to have one on my wall now...LOL!!~

the cape on the corner said...

love your trying things out skills! i wish i could maneuver photoshop so well. i like the last idea best. can't wait to see what you choose! good luck with that tall wall!

Heather Puryear said...

Tatum,when we bought our house we had to get new living room furniture for our great room in the back. After getting our new sofa ,we had to find new pillows for it.Now tell me why Aaliyah and I went shopping for pillows and two of the ones you have here are the same two the both of us were fueding over.I was feeling the one with the yellow color in it,however Aaliyah was feeling the green & chocalte colored pillow's with the wild weed design's better.After fueding over what plillow to get all the way to the checkout line,it was final,Aaliyah had won! Soul purpous for this winning being the fact our curtains in the room are green!lol..Im glad we made that decision because they look great on cameled colored sofa's!

Tatum @ Many Moments Of Me said...

Heather that is too funny! Clearly we all have great taste. Look forward to checking out your new home!


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