About Me

Hi there!! I’m Tatum, fun loving pessimistic optimist residing in the Midwest experiencing four beautiful seasons but really only needing two. I am an idealist, romantic, a dreamer and right now a BLOGGER as of June 2010!! I can’t believe that I am actually venturing out into cyberspace. Like right now…who am I talking to exactly?? The whole thing is a bit weird! But I digress. Why am I here? I have a lot to say and I need a place to say it.

There was a point when I said I needed to write a book about my personal life, and so I started but didn’t quite finish.  Who knows maybe this blog will segue into my very first Autobiography so perfectly entitled Tatum- An Autobiography Of Not A Lot Of Accomplishments That Ended In Just This Blog. Then again, maybe I'll nix the book idea.

I have experienced a lot of interesting moments in my life and this blog will focus on some of them, such as working in Corporate America.  I have a lot to say about that, so one day I began writing about it which spurred Cubicology (def. The Study of Cubicle Dwellers). I've since removed cubicology in an effort to focus on things that solely make me happy. Though it was great to vent...I'll let you know when the book comes out ;-).  We bought a house at the end of 2008 and renovations were inevitable. After mentioning to my sister that we had taken pictures to capture all the changes, she mentioned that so many people blog about their renovations. After checking out some of those sites my motivation peaked! Enter Reno-Virgin this section will surely keep you entertained. My most floating on cloud nine highlight is that I became engaged to the most amazing man on my birthday in 2009! I am valiantly on my mission to becoming a duck so don't forget to visit DuckTales to follow that adventure! (Update-- I'm married now, yay!! 6/25/11)

Everything in me was telling me that I needed to write, to blog about my life moments. Finally after much trepidation Many Moment of Me (MMM) was born. My very first child, well blog child that is.

MMM was all about the many moments in my life. Fast forward a couple years and it was time for a change! My new house new ring and everything in between was no longer completely valid. Enter Tatum's Take! A new fresh version covering where we've been and where we are headed. The past few years have been full of blessings.   So I do hope that for those of you who are too floating out there in cyberspace that you find something interesting for your reading pleasure.



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