March 19, 2012

Big News!!! We Boarded The Train!!

The baby train that is...That's right folks we are PREGNANT!!

I have officially been sperminated!! My eggs have been cracked...boy if that isn't a disgusting way to describe it I don't know what is. Anyway, it is true. We made the decision to bring a tiny human into our wonderful world of coupledom. It didn't take long either, once we started trying, two months later we hit baby pay-dirt. You may recall here when I mentioned that I think I might want to do the baby thing, well though we were indifferent we finally made a decision. We're doing it! More accurately we did it! We are both thrilled, in shock, psyched, overjoyed and all of the other words that can describe ...freaking out. Mainly we are tickled pink...or blue even! One thing that is certain is that it is a bit surreal. We are so used to seeing other people pregnant, but now that we are doing it, it's CRAZY!!!
We made those shirts the night before we announced to our families. They were an added extra after we gave them their "guess what, we're having a baby" gifts.
For those of you who have gone through this before, you are more than likely aware that I am obviously not 8 weeks pregnant anymore...not even close. I mean there was no way that I was going to announce our pregnancy on my blog without getting through the safe period and first announcing to our families. So with that being said I need to bring you all up to speed on our progress. So stay tuned as I do a series of daily or every other day posts on this matter to bring all of you current!!

Have a great day!!



Amanda said...

Congratulations, how exciting for you both!

If we decide to have any more I'm definitely borrowing the lines, 'sperminated' and 'eggs have been cracked', such a great way to announce it!

Brandi said...

Congratulations! So happy for you and your husband! Missed your guts! So glad you see you show up on my dashboard this morning!

Samantha said...

OMG Tatum!!!!! I'm sitting here at the Big D (still... shh I know.) reading your blog. I am so excited for you both. Congrats!!!

Comeca Jones said...

wow congratulations!!!!!!!!

Tatum @ Tatum's Take said...

Thanks for all of the congrats! We are really happy!!


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