March 20, 2012

Announcing The Pregnancy To Chris!!

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So, the moment we decided to join the brood of baby makers it was time to say goodbye to the baby preventives, the BCPs. Upon doing that I thought well how will I keep up with things should we not conceive?? I soon realized there's an app for that! There is literally an app for everything. So needless to say the first day that I was tardy for the party I knew exactly what it was, then day two passed then day three, four. I never said anything to Chris because I wanted to be a week late and also have the weekend to celebrate. Knowing that we were trying, he decided to not question me on whether or not I was late, so that I would be able to tell him in my own way. By day five I put my plan into action. I headed to the store to pickup a couple of items, a two pack EPT

and this book:
On day 6 which was Thursday Dec. 1st. I took the test and in less than 5 seconds it said "Pregnant". Even though this was our goal I was still in shock. I looked at it for a few seconds, would look away and then look at it again. This cycle continued about 4 times. At that point I stashed the test and went on with my day, which was very interesting because I was harboring a little secret.

The next morning, Friday the 2nd I took the second test (since the digital positive only lasted 24 hrs).  We got home that evening and prepared to go out to dinner. As Chris was getting ready I set my plan in motion. When he came downstairs I had put a little card in our Christmas tree that he should have seen immediately but of course he didn't. I said to him don't you see it! He said see what? So we played the you're getting hot you're getting cold game until he noticed it.
Then he read it:

It was SOOO funny. As he was looking toward the kitchen he said what is this silly little scavenger hunt you have me on! Then he headed to the kitchen where he saw this:
It was hanging on the oven
Then he opened the oven:

the moment he opened up the oven we both burst into laughter for two different reasons, me because I knew he'd still be clueless which he was when he grabbed the bun and said "why is there a bun in the oven!" and him because he thought it was hilarious that a singular bun top was in the oven as his early Christmas gift. Knowing my husband so well, I prepared for this cluelessness and as he turned toward me I handed him a gift bag that he opened:
His mouth dropped! All he could say is oh my gosh are you serious lol. He was so happy, he put his arms around me and put his hands on my tummy. It was a great moment. From there we went out to celebrate and had the whole weekend to take it all in! Oh, then I made him pose :-)
Oh, the joys of life.



Latoya @ The Scott's Crib said...

Lol, that was amazing! Congrats Tatum!

Latoya @ The Scott's Crib said...
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Daydream Living said...

Congratulations Tatum! You are too funny, love the way you handled this, enjoy this precious time, both of you, cheers!
Maureen x

Loraine said...

That's too cute. Congrates to the both of you. For our first child I gave my husband a giftbasket of baby bottles for Valentine's Day and he just looked at me like I'm a weird-o. I swear it took a good couple of minutes for him to get it. For our second child I left the positive EPT on the bathroom counter and there it sat for a few days. I got a little upset and said something to him and he thought it was an old one. Really!!! LOL It's been 9 years and I'm still shaking my head.

Comeca Jones said...

The sweetest ever way to tell him toooo cute!!!!

Anita said...

Welcome to my world, Tatum. It's a wild and crazy and most fulfilling ride!

So now I know what you've been busy doing. I was wondering. :)

May God bless you, your husband, and your baby with a good pregnancy and delivery, and all that you need to adjust to being a family of 3.

I'm very happy for you.

I'll be checking in to hear your updates.

Jennifer S. said...

Haha!! That cracked me up!

Tatum @ Tatum's Take said...

Thank you everyone!

Trina said...

Congratulations darling!!! I'm so happy for you and Chris!
Love Always


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