March 15, 2012

Cha Cha Cha Changes!!

In the tune of cha cha cha chia!! Hey there folks! Well long time no talk. As you can imagine, just like my last hiatus I must have been rather preoccupied and busy to be MIA for so long. But I am back and hopefully consistently for the duration. Until the next hiatus that is ;-). Well first and foremost the first and most obvious change is my blog!! I've changed my name to Tatum's Take. So if you've linked to my many moments of me blogspot address you'll eventually want to link to Tatum's Take. Not yet! But I'll keep you posted. In addition to that nothing major has changed. Just changing up the look and feel a bit to something fresher and also to reflect some of life's changes. Remember how it looked prior?
Well for one thing, the tagline is no longer valid. Even though we have a zillion of unfinished projects, our house is no longer new, and neither is the ring...even though our relationship feels new each morning. As far as the everything in between, meaning the renovations, DIYing and my family, well that is ever changing and never done! There are so many things that I have to write about since I haven't been here since the end of November! I mean, I even missed blogging about Christmas! We hosted this year which means I will have to do a Christmas in July blog (if I remember) to show you some of my Christmas crafts! If I forget, I'll show you next Christmas. Anyway, with the new blog I hope to continue to focus on my typical randomness, home changes, the occasional craft and even more on my family. As I look through my blog now I realize that I have really halted on all things home, I honestly have half decorated everything!! I need to speed up majorly.

So I do hope that you'll bare with me as we finish working on the blogs slight changes (shout out to my dear husband and all of his technical prowess). Slowly but surely it will be finished and in the process, I'll be bringing you up to speed on what I've been up to.  Talk soon!



Comeca Jones said...

Can't wait to see what next! The new look is fabulous!!

~Cherie said...

Finally! :-)


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