September 5, 2011

Wedding Ceremony Prep

This is album 2 of 7 and it consists of ceremony prep photos. After the rehearsal dinner the night before, instead of opting to stay with my parents or siblings, Chris dropped me off at the Hilton where I stayed by myself in order to relax with zero distractions. He stayed at our house along with his family which was perfect for him; but me, I wanted to be alone to reflect and take it all in. The next day started out perfectly for me, it was quiet, I had a great breakfast and I was able to be alone with my thoughts and prayers to ready myself for the amazing day. Chris on the other hand had a much more eventful day as he was handling some final touches; but he handled it all in stride.

We arrived at the venue within about an hour of each other and were in our separate quarters getting ready. Chris prepared in a roomed named Heritage: A Beautiful Victorian Romance Room and I was in Tranquility: A Room Of Peace and Serenity. They were gorgeous! It was a lot of fun seeing my mom and sisters show up looking beautiful. I of course didn't see my dad or the boys at the time because they were either with Chris or outside. While we were getting ready, guests were arriving to the lovely sounds of Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Renee Olstead, Bobby Darin among many others. I absolutely love swing and big band and it truly set the tone for the day. It was the perfect breezy summer music for a perfect non-breezy 80 degree day. Every time I listen to the music it takes me back to the day and I relive it all over again.

Since we were having an outdoor wedding the last thing that we wanted was for guests to be driving up late as we were beginning the ceremony. Though we put a start time of 5:30 on the invite, it wasn't our "official" start time. We wanted our guest to get there, relax on the beautiful property, listen to great music, mingle and have a cold drink before we got started. The idea was for them to enjoy their day as well and for the day to not be so stiff. I wanted it to feel like an elegant garden get together! The type of event that I would love to be invited to, and from what we heard, it was just that!! If you missed the first set of photos (Venue and Details) click here. Enjoy!!

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Brandi said...

beautiful pictures, Tatum. thank you for sharing your special day.


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