September 7, 2011

Yard Sale-Goodwill Finds

One of the greatest things about spring and summer are the many yard sales. Honestly my blogging experience has really opened my eyes to allow me to see things differently. Never before would I have gotten so excited about yard sales or goodwill finds. What's funny is Chris also sees things differently too. We can be driving and pass up a goodwill and will turn right back around. He now knows that he just might find something that can help him with his hobbies and ventures. His mission right now is an angle grinder. Don't ask me what it does. I assume it grinds random angles. I keep accidentally calling it an ankle grinder lol. For some reason that just sounds natural to me. It must be a grown up thing though, I really didn't appreciate yard sales and thrift shops as a kid, but my mother enjoyed them. Now that I'm all grown up, I get it!

Anyway, while attempting to jog one day I made it right around the corner and stumbled upon a yard my jogging session was cut short...which I really appreciated because I'm a slacker. Unlike some who can just go to the yard sales and rack up, I don't have that luxury. I have to browse and try to visualize where I could use the item or it could be a waste of money that could have gone toward something that we actually need. So for your viewing pleasure (especially if you like bad lighting and blurry images) here is what I purchased:

I purchased these two rather large ugly pieces of artwork from goodwill. The frames are unsubstantial and the artwork is deplorable but they were $4.99 each and I figured I can do something with them.

This is actually a quality framed picture that I got from the yard sale that would be perfect if I was from Jamaica (that is what is in the frame). I got this for $5.00 and have plans on changing it up a bit.

These next two purchases came from the yard sale as well. The jars were $.10 each and the boxes were $5.00 total.

The jars aren't the prettiest things but I'm certain I can fill them with something. The boxes on the other hand I really like! They are lined with velvet and would look great anywhere!

Well there you have it. Some of what I purchased this summer. Now I'm off to make them useful!



Comeca Jones said...

I like the jars!

Martina said...

Love the map :) great finds!

Anonymous said...

Those boxes are great!

Brandi said...

great finds, Tatum. love the jars. can't wait to see how you'll use them.
PS. i gave you an award today on my blog in case you're interested. i realize that a lot of blogs are award free so please don't feel obligated to pass it on.

Ke'Shonda said...

Great finds! I love the jars and the cool boxes :)


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