August 17, 2011

Whackest Comeback Ever!

Okay seriously I deserve to be hit in the head with a rotten tomato (though I don't condone violence) for getting all gung-ho with my so called comeback only to disappear all over again. I have to admit I am a bit embarrassed and pretty pathetic...and can't promise that I won't disappear again but hey lets stay optimistic why don't we! I do appreciate all of the kind words and well wishes that I received from everyone, you guys are awesome.

I did really think I was back though. The problem however is that things were still lingering. I don't like when things linger, lingering things annoy me kind of like clutter. I despise clutter so it was like some sort of linger clutter. By things I mean my wedding thank yous. We decided to take individual pictures with all of our wedding guests so that we could surprise them with the photo along with their thank you notes. Honestly why couldn't I just send the stinking note all by itself? I tend to over due things sometimes. Some of the photos were collages and some were just us and them. Either way it took some time because I had to go out and buy the frames, Chris had to photo shop the collages, we had to get more stationary for the letters, I can be lazy, Chris tends to procrastinate etc. I literally could not bring myself to move forward on anything until I got those thank yous off of the sofa and mailed out! They were really beginning to annoy me.

Our Thank You Cards! We sent personalized thank yous with personalized photo collages. We took pics with all of our guests.

Anyway, as I'm easing back into this blogging thing my next so many posts will be a bunch of pictures! These first 66 are from album #1 Venue and Details. I have to give a shout out to my husband Chris (he he he...that's fun to say) for creating the gallery to show the photos. There will be plenty more to come, about 6 more albums! I categorized everything to make it easier to look through Our photographer Rose DeVore did not miss a thing! She literally took about a thousand pics, but I won't post each and every one. As you'll be able to tell we posted some of our own pics as well (like the low quality invites). We DIY'd our invites, programs and reserved signs. We created our own unity candle table, and my sister stenciled the chalkboard for us. The pic of the invite is not of the actual invite, it's a pic of the document prior to being printed on the stationary which is why it looks white and electric. Our programs took the most time because we designed them and hand cut each and every one of them. We decided on the fan because it was an outdoor wedding and just in case it was hot (which it wasn't, it was a perfect 80 degrees) we wanted to be prepared. Took a lot of work but was definitely a labor of love. Hope you enjoy!

Roll your mouse across the pictures below. Click on the picture to enlarge.


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