September 1, 2011

Apparently I Didn't Invent The "Mimosa"

Stupid fancy-pancy name. I prefer Orange-pagne or Cham-juice (pronounced Sham-juice) as Chris and I called it. Okay, so for all of you out there who know Chris and I, you know that we are not drinkers. Whenever we are invited out with friends and family for dinner and a glass of wine or a beer, we are the people that order the sprites and pepsi's (with no ice because we don't like them watered down...yeah, we're particular like that).

People would often say, oh you should try this wine because it's really sweet. Or, you should try this because it tastes like fruit juice. Or, don't try that, it's too dry. What the heck!! How can a drink be dry? Even in college, we were those people...perfectly fine with water. I recall a particular time when someone asked me if I wanted a "drink". My response, no thanks I'm not thirsty. Their response was, you don't drink because you're thirsty! So I asked them why on earth would I drink if I'm not thirsty? And from what I hear, the stuff doesn't even taste good! They didn't have a response. Apparently it's all about being social...or having a problem. Who knows? Either way, I don't judge.

Now don't get me wrong, our friends and family are not alcoholics or anything. They simply have a grown up drink on occasion like many people. I understand it a lot more now that I am a full grown adult, but in college it just seemed wrong to me. So, for my 30th birthday Chris surprised me with an amazing trip to New York. Once we returned back to Ohio we of course gathered with my family for cake and ice cream.  On that day Chris and I decided that we were going to  take the plunge. We were going to have our first glass of wine. The wine of choice, a Moscato suggested by my sister Von. I was told that it was a dessert wine, so I figured perfect, it would go lovely with the birthday cake. Here I am, fresh from New York City all naive and excited to have my first grown up drink:
 And here me and Chris do the silly arm thing to make it a moment to remember...yeah, he was naive too:
 Can you say NEGATIVE? It was an EPIC fail. Note the picture below:
I know, not a flattering pic but you had to see it in order to understand the grossness lol.
Chris was just as disgusted. Needless to say, those full glasses were poured right down the drain. Then someone had the bright idea that I might like something a bit different. My dad was not a fan of this at all because to him, I wall always be too young to drink. But hey, I'm 30 now and I thought what the heck lets see! I had no idea exactly what it was but as you can see below, it too soon went down the drain:
Soon thereafter we decided that we would try to do the daily 2 ounces of red wine for health reasons that Dr. Oz said was good for us. We tried that for a short time but as you can suspect, we soon failed.

One thing that we always knew was that we would have our first champagne on our wedding day. Fast forward four years later and we were in yet another first experience moment. Here we are all bright eyed and naive again:
After the toasts we salute:
Then we drink:
Yep, check out those faces:
Down the drain again! Oh, then again I think my dad finished mine. Clearly Chris and I are juice box people. We need to leave the grown up drinks to the big kids. Well, that is what we thought until one day while at home I decide to crack open a bottle that we had left from the wedding (maybe I thought it would taste good the second time around) it didn't. Right next to that bottle was a carton of orange juice and I thought...hmm I wonder.  So, I added it in and .........TADA!!!!! It worked! I created a grown-up-esque drink!! I immediately went to the garage to tell Chris who was welding...because remember he's a welder lol and he liked it too. It was a great day. Finally, we could have a grown up drink with our adult peers.

Of course I proceeded to call my sisters and let them know that I have invented a drink! My oldest sister Calista said "oh a Mimosa?" Now I had heard that word before but never knew what it was. She proceeded to tell me that I didn't invent this orange juice and champagne concoction...Whatever!!! Soon thereafter, a google search proved her right. I had to go and tell Chris that we weren't drink inventors after all.

Hmm, I wonder if champagne and apple juice already has a name...Either way, Chris and I are now rolling with the big dogs. We are no longer limited to non-alcoholic drinks! (Not that that is something to be proud of). But if we're feeling frisky, Mimosa's it is!



Brandi said...

so funny! i just knew there had to be something wrong with my taste buds, because i didn't enjoy a glass of wine either. my friends and family would offer up suggestions just like yours did to try this or that and i just couldn't get into it. my husband is the same way. i agree with you, it must be a "social" thing.

DecorandtheDog said...

Ha! Hilarious! I'm not much of a drinker either but I did discover Sangria on vacation this year. It tastes just like grape juice. I highly recommend it. The bonus to not being a drinker is you can pass up drinks without people thinking you're pregnant all of time. ;)

Comeca Jones said...

Im just seeing this one that dress is gorgeous and I love the colors you chose you guys look great! As for the wine its an acquired taste I guess.(I love it)lol

Jen said...

Champers and cran-raspberry juice is yummy, too. :o)


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