August 30, 2011

We Have Carpet!!

I know to some, the idea of carpet yields icky thoughts of other peoples sweaty toes squishing around and making the carpet gross. To others carpets yield thoughts of warm and comfort and a better image of cute baby toes squishing around. To me, I don't care what your thoughts are because at least in our family room our carpet no longer looks like what the prior owners left us throughout the house:
What can only be described as a murder scene
I mean seriously! In four years of this house existing the prior owners managed to do this type of damage. This carpet was one of the main reasons why I was not a fan of the family room. There was no way I was going to nestle my delicate toes in this. To me it didn't matter how many times we shampooed the carpet, the fact that it still looked this way was enough to keep me away.

I was fortunate enough to meet a person at my orthodontists office whose husband just so happened to lay carpet. We were lucky that he was willing to give us a HUGE deal (I mean the type of deal that we were able to get carpet and still plan our wedding) because without it, we would have had to live with this unsightly carpet for a little longer.
We immediately moved everything out of the family room and piled it all into the kitchen. I have never watched carpet be installed before. It was quite entertaining and Tom (the installer) was quick with it too!
It was crazy watching all of the staples pop right out of the floor!! Chris and I could have really used one of those tools when we removed the carpet in the living room to install the hardwoods a couple years prior:
Yep, that was arduous work right there!!
Man, just flashing back to that makes me glad that I endured the pain of four months of braces on steroids. From this point forward I will not remove carpet again unless I have the snazzy tool thing that Tom had.

and the long knee jamming contraption thing was something out of a movie! I personally would have thought it would hurt to jam my knee against the thingy, but not to super Tom! The carpet just folded right into the edge of the wall. That along with the tack strippy things and the carpet was officially a permanent part of the family room!
Isn't it just wonderful!! Tom told us that it's best to not walk on carpet with your bare feet because the oils in your feet is what causes the carpet to get that smashed nasty carpet look. He said that you should only wear socks. Of course we nodded like two people that would heed his advice, but as soon as they left we proceeded to do the happy dance: lol.



Comeca Jones said...

Omg! I totally get your happy dance over the carpet. I'm borderline ocd when it comes to my We actually have a carpet cleaning plan with a company .lol I just cant stand the grungy carpet look either.

Jill Jameson said...

The carpet for your home looks good. Where did Tom get those tools from? I would like to use those.

Anonymous said...

Gosh that looks great! I am actually a fan of carpet in certain rooms. We put hardwood in our bedroom & I really wish we hadn't. Carpet is so much softer & warmer!

All That Glitters said...

wooo girl! just look at that man I mean carpet! lol! Ummm.....the kids have ruined our carpet! I cannot wait to get something else! Anything is better than what we have now!

I hope you have been doing well! I've been terrible here lately at this blogging!!!

Take care!

Tammy said...

New carpet is amazing! I'm so excited for you! =)


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