August 24, 2011

You Have A Welder Babe

That is a big difference from you are a welder. Either way I guess being married to an amateur welder is much better than being married to Darth Vader.

Even though he isn't far from it. This helmet freaks me out every time I look at it. So, my husband is super technical/financy for five days a week, which means he often needs to take a mental break. What is a bit alarming is that his mental break hobby of choice right now is something that I'm sure should require a certificate or license of some sort. One thing for certain is that it surely requires one of these:

Though I'd feel much better if he wore one of these:
 And do you know where his hobby of choice is taking place? Right here in our garage:

This man has no fear! Just look at the evil in his eyes!

And check him out here!
Seriously! I may be no expert but I'm certain those are not welding clothes. Then again we learned here that this mister fix it doesn't quite heed safety gear at all times...remember?

I completely support trying new things and I know he is an inventor by nature, but I have to admit that scary flashy welding light that I'm not allowed to look at and the sound, make me a bit nervous! I just hope that I don't look out in the garage one day and see this!

Well as long as he has on the suit I guess it would be fine. Then again unless they make flame retardant suits for houses we still have a bit of a problem.

Okay, it's really not that serious. He doesn't have some large professional grade welder, just a small one for home projects and hobbies (at least that is what he's convinced me of). I've seen what it can do and it doesn't make super giant sparks, just little ones. He plans on making some super snazzy dohicky, and tinkering with welding had to happen in order to make it. I really don't think he would have put the words tinker and welding in the same sentence but hey, that is the best way that I can explain it.

I have to admit it is kind of cute though. The other day my brother in law called him because his father needed something welded. Chris called me and said "I have to go to Andy's because his dad needs something welded AND SINCE I'M A WELDER he called me." My response, "babe you have a welder you are not a welder." We both had to laugh at this and the idea that Chris was Andy's first thought was cute and comical all at the same time. But hey I get it! The boys have to support each other with their big ideas. My brother in law Andy who is always building something thinks he's bob the builder:

and Chris supports him all the way. Must be some type of boys club. All jokes aside though, Chris and Andy are pretty much the two handiest people I know. They are certainly the go-to guys in our families. My sister Von and I are some pretty lucky girls!

Well, I better sign out now, my welder husband should be home any minute :-)



Comeca Jones said...

How funny Tatum I think its sweet that he poses for you. And youre correct having a handy person around has its perks.

Nohemi Tutterrow said...

Well, there's not a lot of risk in welding as long as one is cautious with the equipment. Working without protective get is not safe though. In any case, it is quite handy to have someone who knows skills like welding and whatnot.


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