April 24, 2012

Announcing The Gender To Our Families

After finding out that we were having a little baby girl we had to decide how we wanted to tell our families, which we did in week 22. We had so many different ideas but ultimately slacked off a bit and decided to go for the simple cake reveal. Thinking it would be simple enough we waited until a couple days out and called to order a cake. A strawberry cake to be more specific...only to find out that the places we called don't make strawberry cakes! Not cool. Naturally it was too late to call a real baker so we had to get creative! Well not really, we just made our own strawberry cake.
 Nothing fancy, but edible and pink inside! We went out, purchased a bunch of balloons:

 and invited my family over for a barbecue. We made certain that we didn't leave out any ultrasounds or our It's a Girl signs. My nosy sister Von was certain that she was going to find a hint. Of course she didn't because I'm great at keeping things hidden.  After everyone ate it was time to do the reveal. We got a knife and let them know that the cake would reveal the gender (as they didn't know exactly how we were going to tell them). The fact that we put boy on one side and girl on the other more than likely had them thinking that one side was blue and one side was pink, when in fact the entire cake was pink for a girl.

We gathered around the table, and said "we are having a..." then we put the knife on the boy side and suddenly switched to the girl side and cut the cake! Everyone cheered!!

The video is so narrow based on how the ipad was being held...but it captured the moment.

At that point we took out the ultrasound so that they could see proof:

Everyone was super thrilled as you can imagine based on my last post. Well mostly everyone. When Von told my youngest nephew Jamison that we are having a strawberry girl, he said that he wanted a chocolate boy. So everyone other than Jamison was thrilled!! Camden was super sweet, he hugged me and as always I wanted to pick him up but I couldn't because he's a big boy now and I am pregnant. So when I said to him, auntie wants to pick you up so bad but I can't, he said "because the bun in the oven?" I said "yes honey" then he said "and you don't want to hurt the bun?" It was so sweet!! Needless to say, that night was a lot of fun. My family always has such a great time together.

Our next task was finding a way to tell Chris's family. We decided to send them a special little token. We went to Hobby Lobby and purchased two cute little boxes, then we purchased some baby gift wrap. I wrapped each box with the baby gift wrap:

 then went out to purchase these cute little obvious gender announcements!

I put them in the boxes and shipped them right along! Needless to say they were tickled PINK!! They contacted us as soon as their little packages arrived, and cannot wait to meet the new addition.

So there you have it! How we announced the gender to our families. Whew!!! No more baby secrets to keep.



Anita said...

That was really nice. I felt like part of the family as I watched. lol

Greta said...

So fun!!! I wish we would have done a gender reveal party...maybe next round. Found your blog through Tanya @ A Glass of Wine and a Good Book -- looks like we started blogging about the same time. :) Congrats on your pregnancy!!!

Tammy said...

Oh my gosh! Too cute!!! Congratulations!!! Girls are so much fun! =)


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