May 2, 2012

21, 22 & 23 Weeks Pregnant!!

Week 21 was a great week, especially for Chris. finally he was able to experience the baby a lot more because now he could feel the kicks!! Quite noticeably. The first time I put his hands on my tummy his eyes lit up, it was such a special moment.

Other things that I've read might be happening to me are not happening. Things like itchy skin due to the stretching of my body...not happening, thank goodness! That sounds miserable. And I know misery...I have allergies! Oh, and an influx of stretchmarks. I haven't seen any stretchmarks yet on my torso but I have a while to go so who knows. If I get them, I'll embrace them with love.

Week 22

This was the week that we told our families, as you might have read here. That was a lot of fun. 

It only made sense to give Squash Dog a cameo in this pic. You can read more about him in week 19
I've also noticed more of a pattern with her kicking (love that I can now say "her"). It makes me wonder if that will be her sleep awake pattern once she is born. The one time frame that is consistent every night is around midnight until about 1:30am. It might even be longer but I'm not awake for it. Apparently she is supposed to be sleeping about 12-14 hours a day but she kicks so intermittently while I am awake that those sleep hours must mainly be in the middle of the night.

Some things that I could have been experiencing this week were some swelling in my hands and feet, which has not happened yet! Some additional hair growth in strange places, which I will plead the fifth on :-) and backaches, which I occasionally feel at night depending on how I am laying.  I have a while to go yet, so I'm certain some changes are well on the way. Oh! One thing that I did this week was finally purchase a belly band! It's an elastic tube top looking thing that would come in handy even for those who are not pregnant but suffer from muffin top or for those who wear low rise jeans... a bit too low. I don't need the belly band often but on occasion I wear a pair of pants that I cannot button so this little stretchy thing comes in handy! Not to mention, it was kind of fun purchasing something meant for maternity.

Week 23
So what was happening in week 23? 

Well one thing that's for certain is that I was getting less bendy! And this new-found lack of bendiness has caused me to struggle a bit when it came to tying my shoes. Fortunately my husband was around most of the time to help me out with this little task, that I never in my life thought would be a task...other than when I first learned as a child. One day they came untied three times in that one day, because my sideways bendy tying method never made for a really good tight knot. O'well! That is why it's always nice to have a pair of slip-ons nearby.

Our little girl can now hear horns honking, dogs barking and more importantly, her mommy and daddy's voices. I've been talking and singing to her all along, but now I know she can hear us. She has also been given a special little nickname. I'm sure you've heard of the Cookie Monster, well this little lady has officially earned the name Kicky Monster. She kicks so much throughout the day! I have to say that I do love it because it lets me know that she is okay. 

Sickness: Nope
Cravings: Nope
Weird Dreams: Nope
Emotional: Nope
Movement: Lots
Can I still button my pants: Some of them
Maternity clothes needed: Not yet, but I have a belly band! Yay!
Energy Level: Not slowing down yet

Swelling anywhere: Nope...well other than my tummy :-)


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