April 18, 2012

20 Weeks Pregnant! It's A Girl!!!!

Can you say wishes came true!!! We are having a baby girl!!

I broke the boy mold. All of us are ECSTATIC. We decided to find out the sex of the baby and it was THE best decision ever. When the doctor said "I can say with very high certainty, you are having a girl" I lost it! All of my emotions finally came out. Chris said that day was the most emotion I had shown so far during the pregnancy.  And he was right, mainly because I wanted a little girl so bad, just like everyone else in the family wanted us to have a little girl. I was a major waterhead when we got the news.  Chris was equally overjoyed, he didn't cry like I did but his reaction was similar to when his favorite basketball team hits a shot when it really counts!! If you can imagine that.

Whats funny is that at every single doctors appointment we only saw little girls. There was never a single boy in the hospital until the day that we went for the ultrasound. Our first thought was since we are only seeing girls, watch us have a boy. So on the day of our ultrasound when we saw a boy, we didn't know what to think...it was all fun and speculation anyway. After getting the news the doctor said "how tall is dad" apparently our little girl has long limbs. A future basketball star we are certain! They also said that the little one was going to be an intellectual because her brain was developing wonderfully and she was also sucking her thumb!! So cute!! That entire day the little one was just fluttering all around making herself known.

Our appointment was on a Friday so we had that day and all weekend to enjoy it together.  We could not stop smiling and imagining and visualizing!! If we waited until the birth to find out we would not have had those moments to enjoy as a twosome because I'm sure I'd be exhausted and we'd immediately have to jump into parent mode...and too many other people would be around. Maybe we'll try the waiting game next time (if we even decide to have a next time). I cannot describe to you how wonderful it was to experience this together and just take it all in! My cheeks were in so much pain from smiling so much. We could not believe we did it!! Funny, I say that as if we had some special girl making concoction, or some type of algorithm that made us have a girl...though anyone who knows Chris knows that if anyone could create a gender guarantee formula, it would be him lol. What's even more exciting is that since we were so psyched on this day, we can't even imagine how excited we will be on the day that we actually meet her!! Can't wait!!

This was later that night on the day that we found out. March 23rd
This was later that night on the day that we found out. March 23rd
 After getting the wonderful news we went to lunch and went to look at baby girl items! We didn't buy anything, but now we could officially look with a purpose. My sister Von was the most impatient one when it came to finding out. What's funny is that we had to put off our big announcement for a week because the day we found out was the day that she and her family went to Florida for vacation. Everyone tried to get clues out of me, but I'm me...I was not going to slip up. My mother had fully convinced herself that it was a boy. I know she was doing this because she wanted a girl so bad and didn't want to be disappointed. She had been saying for so long that either me or Von needed to have a little girl so that she could get started on making a little girl blanket or curtains. I had to tell her, mommy we can't guarantee the sex but we will try lol.

Belly shot!!

Sickness: Nope
Cravings: Nope
Weird Dreams: Nope
Emotional: Nope
Movement: Yep
Can I still button my pants: Most of them
Maternity clothes needed: Not yet
Energy Level: Not slowing down yet

Notable weight gain: 6 pounds from my normal weight! Dr. says I'm right on track :-)

Oh and since we are showing body parts here...and since I couldn't resist :-)

Looks like a little girl to me! Though doctors have been wrong before...if this tiny one comes out a boy we'd be shocked but still overjoyed! After all we've mastered taking care of little boys in this family :-)



Comeca Jones said...

Enjoy princesses are the sweetest!

Daydream Living said...

Well, having two girls myself I can only say, woohoo! Girls rock! (hihi)
Enjoy this time together,
Maureen xx

Latoya @ The Scott's Crib said...

AWESOME! Congrats! Girls are so fun to shop for, warning: STAY OUT OF THE CHILDREN'S PLACE! LOL:)

Brandi said...

So happy for you! Just wait until you meet her and hear her first cry. Pure love!

Anita said...

I can see the happiness and joy on your faces! My youngest child is almost 12, and I'm old enough to be her grandma (lol), but I remember how happy I was carrying her and her two older sisters.

May you two be blessed with everlasting love, friendship, and desire for each other. I know you will. :)


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