April 12, 2012

19 Weeks Pregnant! Boy or Girl??

Practically at the halfway point the question was looming...Boy or Girl!!!

 Naturally what we all know is that what matters is that the child is healthy. Of course we want a healthy baby first and foremost. That healthy baby however will have to be a boy or a girl. This is kind of a big deal for my family because the last girl in my immediate family is 18 years old. My mother put it in great prospective when she said "I haven't had a granddaughter in 18 years". For the last 9 years we've had boys, buying boy toys, boy clothes. Star Trek, GI Joe, Transformers Oh my!! Now those boys are amazing. The most kissable, lovable little people in the world.

It's pretty much a thing though...each of my siblings (other than my 23 yr old baby brother who is unmarried and childless) had boys first. So the consensus is that a boy would be expected and a girl would be a complete shock. There are 4 boys ages 19,  9, 7 and 3 and one girl age 18. Clearly we were in a girl deficit. Though they are no less important, I'm not going to go into detail about the older two Wesley (19) and Keirstin (18) just because they have not been what's been consuming our time lately. The other little guys however keep us busy at all times.

Xavier, my brother Armond's son, is the 9 year old and is all boy. Though he seems a bit shy at times he is extremely athletic, competitive, aggressive and has an enormous appetite. He isn't much of a hugger, he leads with his head and barely puts his arms around you but he is quite loving. He loves spending time with his family and he acts as a great big brother to his younger cousins. They really look up to him. For the longest time Jamison called him Xaber (pronounced Zaber) because he just couldn't get it quite right. It made for a fun nickname though!
Camden, my sister Vonetta's son, is the 7 year old and is the most lovable, sensitive, compassionate, attentive little guy in the world. This kid literally makes my heart go pitter patter. Though he loves fighter video games and playing attacker, he genuinely cares about others and their feelings and will drop everything if you need a hug.
Jamison, my sister Vonetta's 3 year old is also all boy. This little one has the cutest face but will not let you get close to it because he does not need hugs or kisses...or should I say he rarely wants them unless they are from his mommy. He's tough, doesn't feel pain and is not as empathetic as his brother. He can dribble a basketball and hit a baseball with ease. Though he is all boy, he does have his sweet soft moments, but we must proceed with caution lol.
We wouldn't trade these boys for NOTHING, they are literally the lights of our lives!! However, as you might have guessed, these little boy angels are the reason why my entire family is on Team Girl. Not only them! Chris would like to have a daughter as well. The little guys have played such a major part in our lives, that the idea of a girl which is different appeals to everyone. I on the other hand cannot say what I want simply because I do not like the idea of wishing for one when the other might be in there. I know the child would be oblivious, but I cannot speak a preference without feeling guilty, like I'd be saying I simply don't want the other. As the baby is growing in my belly I have to say until I know, that I'd be happy either way. I know it's a mind thing, but hey, that's how my mind operates. 

So stay tuned!! The big reveal is next!!

As for my belly shot:
Getting bigger and bigger everyday! Oh, another thing that is notable this week was our baby's first teddy bear! While we were hanging out with my sister Von and her family, she and I decided to visit a little store called Tickleberry Moon. This store had all types of adorable baby items...needless to say she was in heaven. They also had a unique selection of stuffed animals that were...uniquely adorable. My sister thought they fit my personality perfectly and decided she wanted to purchase one for our baby. It was a sweet gesture though I thought the stuffed animal was completely overpriced. She however was determined! That is how we ended up with Squash Dog! So appropriately named by Chris because Chris thinks he looks like a mix between a squash and a dog lol. What do you think?
 I personally think he is super cute and am so happy that our little one will be able to love on him once he/she gets here. I can always tell him/her, your auntie Vonetta bought your very first stuffed animal!

Sickness: Nope
Cravings: Nope
Weird Dreams: Nope
Emotional: Nope
Movement: Yep
Can I still button my pants: Most of them
Maternity clothes needed: Not yet
Energy Level: Still on high!


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uncle ralph said...

your looking good as dad would say im very happy for the both of you and me because im going to be an uncle for your child. now do us proud and have your baby natural. lol... i made a funny.. love you guys much


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