April 10, 2012

17 & 18 Weeks Pregnant!

Week 17 was a fun week! We made our first baby purchase! Unlike what most people might expect, I was not overly eager to go out and buy a bunch of baby stuff. I have not purchased one baby book and did not immediately start browsing baby stuff once we found out we were expecting. We did make a plan of what we were going to do with the nursery in terms of style but that was about it.

The first purchase that we made was the Crib. There were so many to pick from but there were some things that we knew for certain. 1.) We didn't like the idea of having a separate changing table:

 2.) Though we liked this type of crib:
We DIDN'T choose this one because of the country style :)

We didn't like the idea that when it converts it would look country. The country headboard look was not appealing to us or our decor. So we decided on a simple convertible crib with not a lot of flair. Color wise, we chose our favorite wood color of espresso. Girl or boy we knew that we would go with either cherry or espresso simply because we like rich wood tones. Once we made the purchase they let us know that it would be in in 7-14 days...and it came in in 4 days! We were happy to get it so soon and it really made us think about the idea that we are really about to create a baby room!! SO EXCITING! Another purchase that we made was the Snoogle! The name is ideal, makes me think of a snooze snuggle!

I had been having some back pain at night and could not get comfortable. I also needed to support what little belly I did have.  So we ventured out to see what we could find. I initially had reservations about this purchase simply because it was about $70.00 and I didn't want to get caught up in buying the latest and greatest of everything. Not to mention my belly was not that big yet, I thought something smaller could do. Chris on the other hand thought this would be a great purchase. He was determined that I be comfortable no matter what and this body pillow would make it happen. I have to say, it was THE best purchase ever!! And Chris thought so too...he tested it out right away!
This body pillow can be maneuvered in so many ways and also supports all of the perfect places! So thank you dear hubby for making certain that we left the store with this. My nights have been so much more comfortable.

And for the week 17 belly shot!
Week 18
Apparently this week I could have been experiencing some swollen hands, feet and nosebleeds. Fortunately I didn't! I did have a little trouble sleeping though, at times I would get hot at night, but Chris continues to do a fabulous job making the room comfortable for me. Normally I'm cold and he's warmer so right now we are a perfect temperature match!

As for the little one, there is some hiccuping going on, swallowing and yawning! In addition to that there is a kickboxing class going on in there as well. I can't feel actual kicks quite yet, but the flutters are certainly still there. Since the little one is so active, thank goodness I'm staying active too! I have to keep the upper hand if I'm going to successfully get through this wonderful process! Exercise is essential!

Still Growing at 18 weeks!

Sickness: Nope
Cravings: Nope
Weird Dreams: Nope
Emotional: Nope
Movement: Yep
Can I still button my pants: Most of them
Maternity clothes needed: Not yet
Energy Level: Still moving right along!



Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

You are SO DARN CUTE!!! I love the way you are handling the "Bun in your Oven"!!! LOVE the chalkboard info and "OH MY GOODNESS" I WANT WANT WANT one of those SNUGLY PILLOWS!!! Your choice of the crib is what I would pick. WAY back when I had "My Three Sons" we didn't have all you can choose from now! I love,love,love that cute monkey bedding... AND Espresso is a WONDERFUL COLOR that goes FANTASTIC with PINK OR BLUE! I did my last post on that subject with CHOCOLATE and pink(AND green)!!!
You and Hubby look like you're "BUBBLING"!!! It's SUCH an exciting time(I remember it well)...
Big Squishy Hugs to you,

Brandi said...

I love your updates, Tatum! Makes me wish I was better about documenting my pregnancies. So glad for you that things are going well and you're not experiencing any sickness(I had it with both my children). Your pillow looks so cozy. That was the hardest part for me near the end of my pregnancies, getting comfortable. Take care, my friend!

Dee said...

What an amazing idea. My daughter's are grown now but I only wish that I would have thought to do something so clever during my pregnancies.

Comeca Jones said...

what a cute way to keep track of things! You still look great that's always a plus. Me I turned very very dark ugh lol enjoy the journey to mommy hood!


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