April 4, 2012

13 & 14 Weeks Pregnant!

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At 13 weeks we were quite excited that things were still going smoothly. I had survived my first trimester with ease! At this point the little one has formed vocal cords and teeth that must be somewhere hidden in the gums because if this tiny person is born with a mouth full of teeth that I can see it might freak me out! Oh, and the fingerprints are also forming.

During this week we were planning out how we were going to announce our pregnancy to our families as we had several ideas. This was a very fun process and it kept us preoccupied as we continued to wait for any obvious sign that there was a baby in there. Of course we had our 12 week ultrasound cd, but we couldn't help but want more. Waiting for the next appointment was always hard. Oh and speaking of the 12 month ultrasound, the doctors made quite clear that we were going to have our hands full. The little one was moving around so much like it was doing a line dance and would not sit still at all! But hey, maybe there's a lot to do in there while you are waiting to be born...I can't remember myself ;-)
Aaaand the anti-climactic belly shot that still shows not much of a change.

Week 14!!

During week 14, I had my first bout with pain. I have a little booklet that my doctor gave to me that tells me what to expect during this process and as I read it I had a pretty good idea. However, being a newbie to the pregnancy world I wasn't fully sure so naturally I called the doctor. As I expected it was round ligament pain, my muscles and ligaments were stretching to accommodate a growing child. This pain always happened on my left side, never on my right which apparently is more normal...but hey, no one has ever accused me of being normal. Though the pain wasn't a good feeling, it was a great feeling knowing that it was there for a purpose. Another thing that happened this week were headaches, they seemed to linger throughout this whole week; no fun. Oh! And I wrote a lullaby for the baby too! It starts off Mama's little angel and daddy's little joy. Chris loved the song so I'm sure the baby will too. As for what the little one was up to, the toes were wiggling and the kidneys were making urine.
I'd say there is some progress happening there in terms of tummy growth! Even though, bloating is a byproduct of pregnancy, I'm convincing myself that it's the baby instead. It's more fun that way :-)

Sickness: Nope
Cravings: Nope
Weird Dreams: Nope
Emotional: Nope
Movement: Not yet!
Can I still button my pants: Yep
Tiredness: Gone


Heather Puryear said...

I just had the pleasure of reading your blog and I soooo love it! I am so excited for Chris & you both and know you will make excellant parents!Much love to all three of you! Make sure you let me know when you have your shower because I wanta come! Oh,and the sex of the baby too! ;}

Tatum @ Tatum's Take said...

Thank you Heather for such kind words! Girl we hope to be great parents just like the rest of the great parents in our family. We'll be sure to keep you in the loop regarding all of the details.

Thanks for visiting!!


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