April 6, 2012

How We Told Our Families- Week 13

Naturally we knew we'd be announcing the happy news in our third month. This was a huge deal because before we even knew we wanted to have kids, EVERYBODY in our family wanted us to have kids. So once we made it known that were were planning to take the plunge, the wait was on! When making the announcement we wanted to make certain that we'd have them thrown off a bit so that they did not think we were "announcing" anything. The best way to do this we thought was with a DIY project.  Here is the completed project.

Why DIY? For two reasons, the first being that they know that I like to create, the second, we were able to do it under the pretense of late holiday gifts. So then we set our plan in motion.

While out and about we picked up several 0-2 age books because we knew that we wanted to give everyone the news individually (well, per individual family) and we wanted to be able to experience the joy with each person.
Chris kindly went to the grocery store to get some brown paper bags, which is what I needed to make them look DIY.
On the inside cover of each book we attached a card with a special note written to each person. We also included a photo of the 12 week ultrasound.


I proceeded to cut the bags to size and used twine to wrap each book. I then added a coffee filter rose that I had left over from a holiday wreath that I made (I'll post about that later). And it was done!

Chris and I had already planned a family get together for that same evening so that we could all celebrate after sharing the great news. Everyone was so excited! There were tears and hugs and belly rubs...that I was not a fan of initially lol. I mean, I didn't even have a belly yet!! It felt weird, and uncomfortable, kind of like someone rubbing on the back of your thigh lol...too close for comfort. However, NOW I don't mind at all, because in present day there is very much a noticeable a baby belly!!! The shirts that we made for ourselves to wear that night was just an added bit of fun:
 And here are photos that we took with everyone with their books!!

We LOVE our families so much!!!!! We always have a great time together. This has been and still is such a fun time for all of us. YAY!!!


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Latoya @ The Scott's Crib said...

That was so cute! By the way my hubby and I love Night Night Pookie! That was the first book we used to read to our daughter and we made it all animated and each of us has our own way of reading it, although I like to think I'm better, lol:)


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