March 23, 2012

9 Weeks Pregnant!

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As promised, we're bringing you up to speed with where we were at nine weeks. So far you read 8 weeks and the announcement to Chris. At nine weeks the baby was rather tiny! The size of a green olive to be exact. Every time I looked at a jar of olives I began to visualize a bunch of miniature babies! Can you say creepy!!

Now I love olives, but I really like the way the doctor described the baby, a gummy bear. SO much cuter. Take a look at a close up of our baby's first (8 week) photo. I agree, our baby is an adorable gummy bear! Seeing the baby for the first time was quite surreal. I mean, we knew we were pregnant but seeing it in real time was so bizarre/amazing!!! We were so eager to see something, anything! The only symptom I had was being tired...and sore breast and that was it. No morning sickness, cravings, extra peeing, mood swings...NADA!! Can you say anti-climactic, easy breezy! So we were desperate for an experience, and hearing the heartbeat which was 170 beats per minute was such a beautiful sound...even if it was all garbled and semi-muffled.

Yep that beautiful speckled blob in the upper right portion of that dark circle inside of that other speckled outer thing definitely resembles a gummy bear :-) Well everything but the color. Boy I hope our baby does not come out purple!! But it will be just as yummy I'm sure!

Just like baby, I too was moving right along! Or more accurately barely moving. Naturally we had been living on this high for a while now, 5 weeks to be exact. We knew from the moment we planned to have the little bundle that we would try to capture every change. Of course not much changes in the beginning which is why we didn't start capturing photos until week 8, the day that we got our first ultrasound!  As far as belly changes, I didn't quite begin with a 6 pack but there wasn't a baby bump either. Just some slight unshapeliness lol!

 10 weeks is next!!



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