March 29, 2012

11 & 12 Weeks Pregnant!

11 weeks and moving right along!

At 11 weeks our baby is the size of a lime. Much better fruit than the prune from week 10. Something about the look of the prune just seems very anti-baby.
It is so interesting seeing how the baby changes week to week. Going grocery shopping has taken on a whole new meaning. At 11 weeks the babies fingers and toes are not webbed anymore, and it's skin is see through.  Boy the changes we go through to develop are truly something else.

And me? Not much different:
 Week 12! Stats Galore!!
 Baby is tiny but boy that heartbeat is quite a jump from the 170 bpm from week 8. Believe it or not the little one can open and close it's fingers and curl it's toes! I'm sure that is quite a workout for such a tiny person, akin to doing bicep curls and calve raises. If the little one keeps working out so much, on it's birthday it will be much stronger than it's daddy.

 Outside from some bloating (that apparently is also expected) I'm pretty much the same ole' me!

Sickness: Nope
Cravings: Nope
Weird Dreams: Nope
Emotional: Nope
Movement: Not yet!
Can I still button my pants: Yep
Tiredness: Going away


Jennifer S. said...

Awww! It has been a while since I have stopped in. What wonderful news. Congratulations!

Tatum @ Tatum's Take said...

Thank you Jennifer!


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