March 28, 2012

Banquette Part 1

You've seen several photos of our kitchen in progress, but there was one corner in our kitchen that you've never seen much of because it was dreadful and bugged us. Here is how it looked when we moved in:
Here is the corner primed:
And here is the corner MUCH, MUCH later:
And it looks practically the same. I cannot tell you how many people have walked from one room to the other and hit their head on that light fixture. We had plans to create a banquette for the area but with all of the other many areas that needed work, we just put this corner aside. And there it remained, an unused space.This corner looked this way until this past Christmas 2011 when Chris and I decided to host. We knew immediately, we have got to make a move on this corner. Then we finally got started! Stay tuned to see the finished result!


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