August 7, 2010

Rip It...Rip It Good!

After we painted the living room we began to rip up the carpet in the living room and dining room. Mainly because it was still not great after the shampooing, secondly because I have bad allergies and since the prior owners had pets these two rooms took the brunt of the damage. We started in the dining room. Chris had already taken the carpet up but had not gotten to the padding under it yet.

 Enter me! Of course I want a hand in all projects that we do. Chris however wasn't thrilled with the idea of me helping with this process. He was convinced that I'd explode into an allergic mess. Therefore, he made sure that I was equipped.

So now that I'm protected from allergens getting into my eyes and lungs, there was one final form of protection that I needed.

Enter sexy pink kitchen gloves...I believe their by Playtex! he he he... So now we're on a mission, cutting and ripping.

Chris even took the time to put a hat on for some random reason...

The hat might be because he realized that he hadn't cut his hair and I had my trusty camera!


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