February 25, 2011

Living Room Pillows

Our living room is our most finished room but there are still some details that the room needs to consider it completely finished. Then again what makes a room complete after all? Finishing touches definitely make a difference, rugs, pillows, both of which we are still working on. The other day I went out to look for throw pillows. I am by no means a designer so I had no clue what would work in our living room. All I know is that since our colored paint efforts always fail, our color would have to come in accessories. So, I purchased all of these just to see what would work:

I honestly had no idea how to decide. I didn't exactly love each pillow, nor did I know what I would love. After discussing it with Chris, what did we decide on?

These, though I would have preferred more white than cream. After a while the crazed weeds started to annoy me, but we kept them.
We only purchased two because we just weren't feeling them completely. We'll either eventually put them in another room, or find a way to add additional pillows that make them look better. Maybe I'll even try my hand at making my own pillows! I'm sure that would be cheaper. Who knows, either way, what you're seeing here is more of our living room in progress. We're looking into tables but I think we have to get rid of that bulky television stand for tables to work. We could mount our television but it seems to be a bit small for our tall walls.  We'll also need a television for our family room once we are able to make it family friendly. So until Best Buy or HHGregg start giving out televisions, we're working with what we have. Not to mention, I really don't like the idea of a television being the focal point of a room. I know there are ways to disguise a television such as a faux fireplace mantel, or using a frame to make it blend better.

Progress is progress though! We love this room as it presently is and look forward to making it even better!



Anonymous said...

hi Tatum!
popping in to welcome you to the circle of bliss! sorry it took me so long to get over here.. the circle is growing so fast! anywho.. welcome! and hope to see you in my random neighborhood sometime! :)
blessings, -tracie

Comeca Jones said...

Looks great!


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