February 27, 2011

I Have A Dress! And A Date...I Think

That's right! You read here when I first went dress browsing with my mother and sisters, but we went one more time two weeks ago to Universe Bridal and I decided on a dress. What's funny is that I always narrowed it down to two dresses that were completely opposite. We were unanimous on the choice and I can now check that off of my list! The dress is a lovely ivory color and it looks great with my skin tone. Never would I have thought about that until my friend Darnella brought it up in a discussion months ago. My first thought was white but after trying on other colors the ivory just worked better with my beautiful brown skin! Who knew! So white went out the window and ivory sashayed in! As you know I haven't been quite the wedding planner at all. Chris and I went to one very overwhelming bridal show and I purchased one bridal magazine, that was enough for me! I would imagine that most girls go wedding crazy. There might have been a time when I would have been like that but not now. I absolutely love going to weddings, but planning one...not so much. I just want to marry the man in a special stress free manner.

Chris and I have been taking our dear time on this process and finally realized that we have to get with it or we'd be engaged forever, which I'm sure wouldn't shock anyone; after all we are a rather unconventional twosome.  Whenever anyone would ask us when the wedding date was we'd just say sometime between June and August 2011. We didn't really know. What I also find quite odd is that right after we got engaged people would ask us when is the big day? Seriously, we've been engaged for less than 24 hours and you think we've already discussed the wedding day?? Is that normal? I vow to never ask that question to newly engaged couples, especially when they haven't even been engaged a full day lol.

Chris and I are rounding the 2 year engagement mark so THE TIME IS NOW! A couple of weeks ago we finally decided that our wedding date would be June 18th...or 25th lol, one of those dates we know for sure. Yep and of 2011, that gives us about 4 months...that's plenty of time! That's right, we are those people who make game time decisions. The people who started the school assignment at the last minute because we knew it had to be turned in and the pressure made you finish right on time. Normally I am a planner, but wedding planning is just not my thing. Regardless of how small you want it, it still takes time and money and the patience to meld a bunch of elements together.  Have you ever seen Bride Wars? The movie with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway? It is one thing to have been dreaming about the wedding all your life and knowing exactly what you want like they had in the movie and another thing to have never dreampt about your wedding at all until your proposal and being completely indecisive...that's me! It is a great movie by the way! Chris and I know one thing for sure, we want to be married to each other. Everything else is just details.

When asked if we want a big wedding or a small wedding, we never really knew. Some people would say just do something small to save money and then have a party afterward. What those people didn't quite think of was that the "party" would still be $20-$40 a head...savings out the window! We definitely knew we didn't want a potluck wedding. It's sweet that family and friends would volunteer to cook for the wedding but we'd rather them enjoy themselves and not have to work. We also realized that though we have many people in our lives, we don't necessarily communicate with everyone regularly. We've gone to weddings in which the bride and groom don't even know everyone because the parents invited this church friend and this co-worker and suddenly you're sharing your special intimate day with "strangers". So after some discussion amongst ourselves we soon came to the realization that we must not want a large wedding or we would have been following that dreadful wedding checklist a year ago. Small, intimate and elegant it is!! I'll post about the venue later!



Daydream Living said...

Oh Tatum, this is such a lovely post, like talking to a girlfriend, I was nodding my head and all. Ivory is a beautiful color, I have your skin tone too, so I would also not go with white, good choice! I recently saw some wedding blogs with lovely weddings in them, do you want me to send you some links? Maybe it will give you some ideas? Look forward to see you in your dress, gotta go now, almost time for bed here, have a good day tomorrow!
Maureen x

Brandi said...

Congratulations Tatum! You will be gorgeous in your gown. You must be so excited! This post reminds me of my wedding day. I wore a light shade of pink(I was pregnant). I still enjoy watching a lot of the reality bridal shows that come on. Four weddings(TLC) is a good one. Have a beautiful day!

Danica said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with and I can't wait to see your dress!

I'm getting married on June 18th and we have been planning since last May! It's crazy!

Good luck with everything!


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