January 11, 2011

Who Dey!

Now I know that means something really important to fans of a certain team. Only I am not that fan nor do I know what team it is. Hope I didn't offend anyone. Why am I even talking about Who Dey you wonder? It's because of this eyesore:

Or to those Who Dey fans, this adorable tribute.  But wait, it gets better!

Yep, that's a half of a football mounted on the wall. I admit, it's kind of a cute idea for a kids room.

And here are the beautiful mismatched broken blinds they left behind that we just took down 3 weeks ago...pathetic right? But hey, this room has remained unused and not a priority until recently.

 And you can't have a football room without a 50 yard line:

This, my dear readers is what Chris and I refer to as The Green Room, and your first official introduction to our upstairs...at least as it was when we moved in; and honestly it hasn't changed that much. This is one of our four bedrooms that needed work, and slowly...real slowly we'll be bringing you up to speed on how we turn this football field into something more cozy and hopefully crafty!


1 comment:

Kristen said...

hahahaha Nice! I am a Bengals fan and even I would paint over that! You'll keep the orange and black colors though, no? ;)


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