January 9, 2011


Feel the joy? Feel the freedom? See the smile:

That's right baby! Remember here when I said that I might be making a big decision? Well I did! The very next day I put in my two weeks notice...which by the way is huge for me because the way I was feeling, I was liable to just put in a "same day notice". This was a big deal because my co-worker put her notice in that same day, it was our master plan. We had never smiled so much in our lives and everyone noticed. But the smile we were truly feeling was this one:


Oh, and to make the week even more exciting we found out that another guy put in his notice the same day and another the day before! Oh, so liberating. Either way, that's right folks I am outta there!! And I couldn't be happier. My sanity was truly at risk. I've never worked for such an outdated, old fashioned, mismanaged place in my life. When I began working at this company, based on my prior experiences it was like going back in time. They booked conferences rooms using...A Book!!! Literally, can you believe that? Their office equipment was so out dated causing the printer guy to come out at least twice a week; clearly the technology age eluded this place. And when they finally got their all in one machine their excitement was akin to when a baby discovers it's hand...PURE intrigue lol. So funny to watch. I could go on and on.

One week left...yay!!! Unless they read this post and decide to make me leave earlier which just means I get to leave earlier and still get paid!! Hold on a second while I do a happy dance:

Yep that's me...the stick bald version, but still me. My manager was so happy for us. She and another manager both knew and said in their own way that our department was it's own bubble that they too didn't even understand. Major turnover at this place I tell ya.

I'm not permanently leaving the workforce though. If I get a better offer I might be back in it sooner than later. I just need to make better use of my days than I have been. In the meantime, I'll renovate and blog!! Maybe get a part-time job outside of the corporate world and maybe finally move a bit faster on wedding planning...we'll see.

Either way, I'm signing out now to get ready for tomorrow which will be the best Monday ever!!!!!



Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

Congrats! You are free from cube land : ) Best of luck on your next adventure!

It's Just Me said...

Tatum, congrats on such a BIG decision. I remember breaking myself away from cubical hell to start a business with my hubby. Now 17 years later I wouldn't have wanted it any other way : ) I'm a new follower and welcome to my blog : )

Brandi said...

Kudos to you for taking such a big step! I left my job over 2 years ago and I haven't looked back. Best of luck to you and the next chapter in your life. Have you ever considered writing? Your post are so humorous and very well written.

Gina said...

Wow- I just visited your blog and am a little shocked. Actually, that's not true, you always voiced your disdain at everyone at the Dispatch openly.
I know you are very talented, Tatum, and very lucky as well. Count your blessings that you are able to follow your dreams and not have to work the 9-5 job to pay the bills. You are one of the lucky ones sweetie. Best advice I ever got though is to never burn a bridge. So remember, you may not have enjoyed your experience at the Dispatch, but in life, you get what you give...

Tatum @ Many Moments Of Me said...

Not sure if I replied back to everyone, but if not thanks everyone for the well wishes.

Deanna, good for you! That's inspiring

Brandi, thanks for the encouragement, I've thought about writing. Haven't quite pursued it as a profession but we'll see.

Gina, I am lucky and thanks for the kind words and reminding me that it's okay to be honest regardless. Too bad there were only a few of us. Good luck to you!

Thanks again everyone :-)


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