January 12, 2011

Guess Who's Stylish?

That's right folks ME!... Or more accurately my blog. Melanie from The Tiny Tudor awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award!

Here's to you Melanie

Be sure to check out Melanie's blog, she has class and style as you can probably tell from the photo above. And her home is oh so charming! It's like something out of a fairytale.

This is how the fun works
1.) Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2.) Share 7 things about yourself
3.) Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4.) Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

About Me

1) I really enjoy reading a good book. Presently I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love (Because I love the story) and Bitter Is The New Black (Because a co-worker thought I'd love the writing style).

2.) I cannot put a book down if it is bad. If it doesn't quite float my boat I feel that I still must finish it! Which is such an annoying problem to have. I've been finishing the last 25 pages of Atlas Shrugged for months now.

3) I try to convince my nephews that I'm their mom...yep a bit weird...but they're my babies!! Yea I know, I need to have kids of my own. Thank Heavens for little boys :-)

4) I am a songwriter. Not by trade but it's a hobby that I should definitely be getting paid for. That's right, I'm that good. Check my credentials that don't quite exist anywhere but in my notebook. No, but seriously I do have songs that I've written that are copyrighted and stored at the Library Of Congress. It's the next step that I have not quite conquered yet.

5) Though I only seem to have a major reaction to cats, according to my allergist I'm allergic to all animals except a horse and a cockroach. Hmm, which will I get? If I have kids the horse will be way too big for them to play with so I guess a cockroach it is!

6) I'm a middle child with two older sisters and two younger brothers and parents that have been married for 40 years!

7) Blogging makes me super happy and I feel that my followers are all my friends with whom I'd hold hands with in a circle singing Kumbaya and then distribute friendship bracelets! OK maybe not to that extreme, but they're pretty cool peeps none the less!

Now to the awards. Stylish blogs that I love in no particular order:

1.) Sugar And Dots
2.) Just A Girl
3.) Create The Life You Love
4.) All That Glitters
5.) Run Mother, Run
6.) Life: The Pursuit Of Something More Than Ordinary
7.) My Cherie Amour
8.) Elements Interiors
9.) Cozy Little House
10.) Don't Disturb This Groove
11.) The Homesteading Apartment

I know I didn't do 15, but I've noticed many of the blogs that I follow already received this award, and rightfully so!

Be sure to check out these wonderful bloggers, you'll be glad you did!



kara@elements-interiors.net said...

Hey Pretty girl!!! You *SOOO* Deserve this award! I LOVE reading your blog! You ALWAYS make me LAUGH! CONGRATS on gettin the Heck outta Dodge! You go Girl! I truly believe in going with your gut...and if you have been unhappy...there are OTHER ways to spend your time! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and will participate in the Award you passed on! THANK YOU !!! I will probably do the Award like monday...Ive got 2 HUGE posts ready for today and Friday! BUT thank you sooo muuuch! You are a DOLL! And just FYI...I want you to know that I do visit your blog (And many others) a lot but I am, uuuhhh, TERRIBLE about commenting! Maybe its because im TOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOOONG Winded! LOL! If I coud get myself to "Shut Up" I would be a better commenter! Just know Im readin...just not always commenting! Sheeesh! SEE! Look at this comment!



Brandi said...

Thanks Tatum! I really appreciate you thinking of me! I loved reading your list. I'm cracking up at #5! That's amazing that your parents have been married for 40 years. Thanks again!

Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

Thanks Tatum-I love your list!


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