January 22, 2011

Major Buyers Remorse!!

Alright, if you know anything about me you know that I have a major shopping problem. I do not like to shop, which is why quite a while ago I had been tasked by Chris to spend a little amount on myself weekly to fix this problem. I have failed at that task completely but if you want to read more about it click here to read the $30 a week segments.

My shopping problem only occurs when it comes to shopping for myself, shopping for others or my home is usually a non issue. As you know from reading here I am on a mission to tackle our dreadful coat closet. I am all about a deal, but I want to make sure that the closet is just as I like it. Remember the crazy mismatched hangers that I had in the closet...well no more buddy! I went and purchased these beauties:

Yep, non slip hangers with a cherry finish. You only see 2 hangers here because of this:

I hesitated a bit on the purchase thinking well I'll just get them overtime, because THESE are what I want. Every step toward the checkout was met with a bout of trepidation, that lingered all the way home. When I got home I let the hangers dangle there as I walked passed them over and over again in absolute shock that I spent $9.00 on TWO hangers! At Walmart!! What the heck is that about? Everything there is supposed to be cheap. It wasn't shortly after I took this photo that I began to hyperventilate.

What in the world was I thinking! I mean did I really need 'coat' hangers? Yea it's a coat closet but it functioned just as well with cheap mismatched plastic hangers. OH MY I spent $9.00 on two stupid hangers! Abort Abort!!!!! First thing that next morning I went back to right my wrong and regain my bearings. I marched back into that crazy fancy high end Walmart store, held up those hangers and yelled I will not be taken advantage of. I will not let the perfect cherry coat closet hangers control me! You're Walmart, not Target. Your hangers should be $2.00 each! I said that with a look that let them know I meant business. And then I hurled those hangers back to where I got them from! Ok none of that actually happened that way, but as I politely returned them to the service desk I felt that powerful!!!

Anyway, I walked back to the hanger section and downgraded from coat hangers to shirt hangers! What do you think:

I think these will work mighty fine. After all they are an upgrade from what I had in the closet. Did you notice that it's a set of five? Yep and how about this receipt:

$4.24 for a pack of five. I can now breathe easy and continue with my closet project.



Lisa said...

LOL... Im laughing reading this. I'm not a great shopper myself. But I'm more willing to spend on the house rather than myself. I force myself to spend money on me. But you're one step ahead of me..lol
Great post.

⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

LOL...at least you knocked some sense into yourself.

Brandi said...

Your posts always crack me up! I'm glad you were able to find something just as nice, but cheaper!

Daydream Living said...

Hi Tatum,
This is so funny and I could almost see you there at Walmart (not Target, I smiled at this), I have been in your shoes many times, thinking and re-thinking what I just bought...
I have all my hangers (clothes and coats) from Ikea, they have darker ones too I believe, I have the lighter wood ones, and they come in a package of 8. Perhaps to match yours? Good luck with the project!

Daydream Living said...

mmmh, actually, maybe they come in a package of 5 now I think about it....anyhoo, they are just fine, mxx

Margaret Nk said...

Ultimate Shopper here! Ikea and Home Goods have great deals on hangers...


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