January 23, 2011

Painted Wallpaper

When it came to tackling our coat closet as referenced here, aesthetics were essential. I simply want it to look pretty! A while ago I stumbled on the idea of painted wallpaper by the Jones Design Company and I thought to myself I can do that. Sooo, I went to her site printed out the stencil, cut the shape out on a cardboard and got to business.

I removed the single shelf from the closet and had a blank canvas. Regarding closet color, our living room is a color called gaucho in satin. One day in an effort to purchase more gaucho we mistakenly purchased flat which does not work for our living room so we just stored it. This closet project proved to be the perfect chance to use some of that flat paint. Here is how it looked after painting it:

 Next it was time for the stencil which will be done in white paint since we always have it! Oh the nerves...I've never done this before! However I was up to the challenge. I began to trace the stencil on the wall with a pen and then I gathered a couple small paint brushes. Once the pen marks were down I proceeded to trace over the pen with white paint. Here is how it looked 11 hours later:

Halfway through this pattern I was so excited about how it looked! I immediately realized however that I had done something wrong. If you look at the original of Jones Design Company (below) you'd see that she has a double trace thing happening there.

Image from the Jones Design Company

After realizing that I missed the mark I was faced with this dilema, do I just leave it as is and let everyone who doesn't know of the Jones Design template be completely impressed! Or, do I try my hand at attempting to free hand a smaller shape within the shapes presently painted. Decisions, decisions. After looking at the original design with great envy I decided to free hand my way through it. I figured if I messed it all up I'd just paint over it and I would be the only one privy to my embarrassment. (Jones Design has since updated with images of how to get the double line..now I'll know for next time)

After 8 more hours I was finished!

If you look closely it looks a bit shoddy but if you don't look close it looks pretty darn good! Yay me for the attempt! My coat closet is well on it's way.


I'm linking to the Not Baad Sunday Blog hop at LambAround


Brandi said...

Oh. em. gee. Wow! stunning! love it!

Christopher Duckworth said...

I'm still stunned whenever I open that closet!

Kristen said...

Love it!! Now..where can I do that in my house?? Hubs will be thrilled with this project! Gorgeous!


What a neat project idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I'll be sure to follow yours as you have tons of great stuff on here. It is so nice to see people survive after years of remodeling ;) Follow mine if you want to keep up to date with our crazy projects.

Sherryd said...

Hello Tatum, I came across your blog while visiting Don't Disturb This Groove! I like what you did with your closet, great idea, and it turned out lovely!

LambAround said...

This must have taken you FOREVER! You did a wonderful job. It doesn't look shoddy at all :)

Brandi said...

Hey Chica! Emily at Jones Design Co. is having a painted wallpaper link party. You should def. link your project up!!!


Anonymous said...

Was browsing looking for closet ideas and happened on yours. I love the way it turned out and may just have to try that stencil thing too...and I love the way you are careful with your money and took your hangars back. Had one idea - wondered if you could get some type of material to make 'non-slip on the ones you ended up with by hot glueing the material on...Just a thought! Enjoyed browsing your blog!


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