January 17, 2011

I Need A Toolbox

You know what this is?

It's the tiny little tool that I spent about an hour looking for. I tried desperately not to get annoyed. Why was this task so hard? Because nothing is in it's place. Tools in the garage, tools in the junk drawer (which I hope to tackle soon) tools in the car, tools in the basement AAHHHHHH. Seriously, I may not know my way around a table saw yet but I definitely know my way with a drill and should be able to locate a drill bit!

I tried my best not to call Chris who wasn't home at the time but I finally had to give in and text him to ask him where they were and he said the basement...maybe. I had already been in the basement a zillion times. Why a zillion? Because the stuff there isn't organized either because the basement is presently acting as a catch all as we get the other rooms together. I eventually found a drill bit...I think. I say I think because it was in a case with dremel parts. I haven't yet used a dremel but I did recognize the little bit. My thoughts were hey, it looks like a drill bit and I'm tired of looking so by golly it will be used as a drill bit.

Now, what I really think is this, Chris put the drill bit with dremel parts. Or maybe this bit that I found actually came with the dremel because a dremel is a sort of drill. Either way I was finally able to get my job done.  However, that does beg the question...if this was in fact a dremel bit, where are the bits that came with the hand drill!?

Yep, that's what I need, my own toolbox. And pink would be ideal! Then I'd be able to catch Chris in the act when he's using my pink tools (which will be located in their special spot) because he cannot find his own lol.

What do you think, good plan? I think so ;-)


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I actually want this:


H has not ever bought this for me, so I think it's time to treat myself!


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