December 30, 2010

Brown Cabinets, Meet White Paint

As you may have read here we were on our way to painting our cabinets white. We chose to paint instead of buy new cabinets for two reasons 1.) The cabinets are not in bad shape and 2.) we've enjoyed trying our hand at changing the appearance of our home on our own!

We thought about sanding off the glossy finish but decided that we didn't want the additional mess. So we decided to try a deglosser. We simply poured the deglosser onto a clean cloth and rubbed rubbed rubbed the shine away. Well, to me it didn't do much, I could still see some shine. But you know us! The people that will not be posting a bunch of our own "how to's" it was good enough. So we proceeded to paint...well prime first, then paint:

I am always ready to have the project done, so after priming every part of each cabinet which proved to be so entirely time consuming, I was ready to rip the cabinets off of the walls and do a massive spray paint. Of course that wasn't an option because we're all about sweat equity unless we win the lottery of course at which point we're hiring EVERYBODY to do EVERYTHING.

 So we painted:

Not a good idea to use the paint cans to help paint around the cabinet door...or at least make sure the cabinet is COMPLETELY dry first

And painted:

And even painted the doors:

Looks to me like this white paint is definitely going to brighten up our dark kitchen. Now lets hope that the new paint color for the walls lets the sunshine in!



Stacy said...

Loves it!!! Keep up the great work Tatum!!!

Help! Mama Remote... said...

They look brand new! We painted our cabinets too. The were that 1970's brown UGH!


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