December 31, 2010

Pine Cone Picture Holder

Well due to the impending new year I figured I'd better get this last post out because after the holiday it would just be weird. As you may recall, I wrote about my foyer table holiday vignette here.  It was soon thereafter when I began to receive photo Christmas cards in the mail that I realized that my lovely smelling pine cones could serve double duty!! I know!!! I was shocked too!!

I really love the photo cards that I get but do you showcase them? They don't stand on their own like regular cards, and as you know I don't like clutter on my fridge. I know that I have my newly created magnetic chalkboard but I still need to get magnets! So you can imagine how pleased I was when I realized that my pine cone decor served as the perfect little photo holder!! Feast your eyes on this!

How bout that! Here are a couple other angles for you:

So there you have it, holiday ingenuity at it's finest.  Happy New Year to all of you out there in blog land! I wish you all a wonderful 2011!!


1 comment: said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! A lil early...Im guessin i will be SNOOZZZZZZIN at midnight! I Know...
L-oser! LOSER fo sho!!! We are gonna stay in and watch College Football...HELLER...boring! Watch our Texas Tech Red Raiders tomorrow...WooHoo :-O Anyhoo...Hope yall have a FAB NY Eve...And BTW, I was showin the Hub your Fiance and what OUR new year RESOLUTION should be..."Go To The GYM!"
xoxokara :0)


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