December 1, 2010

9 Frames It Is

Remember our tall wall dilemma that I spoke about here? Well we picked a winner and our many many commenters (all 2 of them) concurred! We went with the 9 frames!

Now for purchasing them, soon thereafter we went to Michaels and found this beauty:

We really liked this frame and it was on sale! From $60 to $30! What a deal right? Yeah not really when we are buying 9. Even though our budget minds were going to purchase the frames incrementally, we convinced ourselves that they were worth it because we wanted our walls to look good! So we left the store with 2. Once we got home we soon realized that though we have tall walls, we don't have mansion sized walls and though the picture window was 16x20 the outer frame itself measured a whopping 20 x 24 which looked WAY too big.

So, we decided to do some rudimentary measurements to get an idea of what we think we actually need. You'd think that we would have done this first but since I was involved, my motto was MUST BUY FRAMES, there was no additional logic that went into that decision.

Enter painters tape:

 Tape measure:


  And ladder:

And it was game on! Stay tuned to see how we got it right the second time around!


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