November 29, 2010

Homemade Hair Clip

Well not quite all the way homemade but have you ever heard that one woman's trash is another woman's treasure? In this particular case it was my trash and my treasure. While cleaning out one of our guest rooms that was still a holding ground for a bunch of our belongings from our move, I found a couple of jewelry boxes that had been stored away. In those boxes I came across some jewelry that I no longer wore, more specifically necklaces. The problem with these necklaces is that the silver rings that held the charms were now rather tarnished. So, my natural reaction was to throw them away! Or should I say, the old me's natural reaction, the Tatum prior to blogland's natural reaction.

I am a rather creative person, but mainly in the writing, clever gifting arena. However I am also the child of a rather creative mother, one who sews, crochet's, reupholsters, cans, gardens etc. After venturing out into blogland I've been even further inspired to see things a bit differently than I have before. I can now look at something that I would have never looked twice at and find a way to make it useful. So, back to my old jewelry.

The necklaces that I have been referring to looked similar to this:

And you can see here the noted two parts, only again, this is an example. The necklaces that I've been referring to had tarnished silver rings:

Here are photo's of the charms from the two necklaces:

A beautiful butterfly

And a beautiful flower
 It just seemed so wrong that these lovely pieces of jewelry would go into the trash just because their cheap tarnished counterparts were kaput.

With that being said, there is another crucial element in this little story. It's a simple silver hair clip. One like this:

I came across a pack of silver clips that almost went right into my bathroom drawer until the creative bug hit me. I said to myself...hey self...I wonder... and just like that!

The aha moment was being executed. I simply added the superglue to the back of the butterfly and then put the clip on top:

 and then... drum roll please!!

Isn't it super adorable!! Here is the other:

I must say, I am rather proud of myself. How do you think it looks?

My name is Tatum and I approve this message ( clip):

And even though I don't have a photo with the butterfly. Trust me, it's just as cute :-) I've received several compliments already!!


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Kim @ Second Time Furniture said...

The clips are adorable!

gail said...

great job! aren't you AND your clip adorable!
thanks for linking up and linking back.


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