November 23, 2010

Give Thanks!

With fall among us and Thanksgiving just 2 days away I thought I'd post a few photos of how I made our home feel a bit festive in the midst of some of the craziness of unfinished projects. A few weeks ago Chris and I went to the store and purchased some very inexpensive items that were orange, red, brown, yellow and green!

Those two boxes of fun that only costs $6.00 each, along with these leafy wonders that cost $1.50 each:

Gave me quite a bit to work with. So after grabbing these:

In order to do this over and over again to cut the wires:

 I was finally able to run around my house and find some vases in order to create these beauties:

And each had it's own special location. The large one in the center went on the kitchen island, the skinny vase to the left went on the television stand, the vase to the right  went in the center of the dining room table:

And the platter went onto the foyer table:

And the remaining leaves were put into my wicker floor vase where they fit snuggly with the other leafy things that I had:

I even added the brown ribbon from the vase filler boxes!
And to add in a little more ambiance, I burned some yummy pumpkin candles in my lovely sconces!

So there you have it. My attempt at bringing the Thanksgiving holiday to life in our home. You can do it too!!! Hope you enjoyed it!


By the way, I'm linking to the Thanksgiving Party over at All Thingz Related!


~Cherie said...

Just wanted to confirm that I read your latest post 23 minutes after you posted it. Like the fall decor!


Really creative I'm looking forward to the day when I can really take the time to make my new home like that. I don't know if I can, you will have to help me. Love you!!


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