October 19, 2010

Let There Be Light!

Dining light that is...and not stupid skinny out of date style torchiere light. It would be one thing if the torchiere looked like this:

Or this:

Or even this:

But no, ours looked like:

Just look at it! Looking skinny and unpleasant from all angles:

If our dining room had any chance whatsoever of reaching it's full potential then it needed a serious upgrade. So I began to look around for the perfect fixture to fill our hole...ceiling hole that is:

So what did I do? I got on line to look at chandeliers! I spotted a fixture at Lowes that I thought would work perfectly and so I ventured on over there and took this picture to send to Chris:

 And after work we bought it!

And here's what it looked like soon thereafter:

And Chris went to work on it immediately! And this time (for all of you who've noticed his sexy shirtless self) with a shirt on!

Step 1:

 Step 2:

And just like that, the green eyed monster was banished!

MUUUCCHH better! On to the next task...



Chrissie said...

Your new light is lovely! It made a big difference in the look of your room!

Brenda Kula said...

Honey, it all takes time. And we women are in such a hurry to get the decorating done. It looks splendid. And your man is a dear for being so handy. (Mine isn't...)

Jennifer Juniper said...

New light fixtures really can make all the difference! I'm a huge believer in dimmers to make all the shortcomings of my house fade away :)

Beth@The Stories of A2Z said...

I LOVE hanging a new light fixture and yours looks fab! I wish my hubs could hang one with just a step 1 and 2. His step 1 and 2 seem to take around 4 hours to do. Hmmm. Perhaps it's time I try the step 1 and 2! Thanks for stopping by my blog :).

Debbie said...

New lighting is always key..makes a huge difference...nice choice!!~

Jennifer said...

How you been doing miss Tatum!!!! Your light looks great!!!! I have the hardest time picking out something so simple like lights!!! I've been looking for lamps for 5 years! Sad!!!!

Take care girl!!!


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