October 22, 2010

Wedding Planning Versus The Oprah Show...What a dillema!

Well actually not really. The thing is, my super Oprah fanatic sister Vonetta texted me the other night to let me know that it was yet again time to sign up for a taping of the Oprah Winfrey Show. Now this happened before back in March 2010, she made everyone in our family register for Oprah.com and sign up for tickets. She even went so far as to setup a Yahoo email account for her husband (who for some odd reason didn't have a personal email account) so that she could sign him up. Thanks to her due diligence one of our names was selected. At 3am (for some odd reason they send the CONGRATULATIONS or UNFORTUNATELY emails SUPER early) my dear brother in law Andy, the one who didn't have a personal email address until my sister went Oprah crazy, received that unexpected email; the congratulations email. He and 3 guests were invited to view a taping of The Oprah Show in March of 2010! He was so proud of himself like he had done something great:

Isn't he handsome :-)
One thing was certain, my sister was definitely going, and he really didn't have much say in the rest. Me and my mother would have tackled him down if he even thought about choosing anyone else.  And just like that, the below photo was made possible:

How did we get that photo right by the door you may ask. Enter my fanatic sister, we were up and at 'em and in line by 4am. We were the very first people in line, the next few began to show up about 30 minutes later.

Here we are as a foursome!

Chris also came with us to Chicago, but he was perfectly fine with snoozing and catching the show on television. Here's a photo of him being silly, and bringing attention to the sleeping man in the background lol.

So why am I even mentioning that particular Oprah trip? Well as mentioned in the first paragraph my sister sent me a text the other night telling me to sign up for another taping. I told her that I would have to pass because it's imperative that Chris and I make responsible financial decisions since we are trying to plan a wedding. Last time we all just dropped everything and took off to Chicago for 4 amazing days. If I signed up this time and they chose my name I'd have to go! So I opted out of this one.  And plus, you'd think that lightning wouldn't strike twice right? But lo and behold it did!

There's another person that warrants mention in this little story, her name is Julie. Julie is one of Von's great friends who also signed up during the first round. When Andy's name got selected it was so hard for Von to tell Julie that she was not one of the people that would be going. Naturally if I bailed or if mom bailed Julie was next in line.What's worse is that though Julie signed up she never received an email at all. So the lingering hope that it might still be on it's way kept hope alive, to no avail. Until today.  Today Julie was victorious! She received the email that my sister hoped she'd receive. At 3am, my sister was up checking her email and Andy's email just to see UNFORTUNATELY.

Once she spoke with Julie later that morning she asked Julie if she received tickets and turns out Julie hadn't even checked. The moment she checked her email she screamed and jumped for joy...with Von in tow because of course she would be going along. Julie received the CONGRATULATIONS email. She was finally going to the show. I was so happy for them, and fortunately they have an afternoon show which leads me to believe it will be a great episode (maybe the Favorite Things episode that tapes in November). Unlike the 9am taping that we had which was a show on aging gracefully with Raquel Welch. Regardless of the topic or who the guest may be, all that matters is that they are going to see OPRAH!!!

Here's a photo of Julie and Von together at the OSU vs. OU game. Aren't they gorgeous!!

And I have zero regrets for not signing up for a taping. I saw The Oprah Show once and I'm satisfied with that. This time my priorities prevailed. YAY JULIE!!!!!!

I'll leave you with some images from our March 2010 trip.

Aaahhhh Good Times :-)



Daydream Living said...

Oh Tatum! I'm reading this post with open mouth, I love Oprah! When I lived in the States I tried over and over again to go, but had no luck, so you all are so lucky! And you and your sister and mother look so much alike! Thanks for sharing this, enjoy your day! Maureen

Brenda Kula said...

What a good-looking bunch you all are! I'm so excited for Julie. Sounds like it was just her turn. When you mentioned OU and OSU, at first I thought you meant "our" OU and OSU. My husband and I both graduated from the University of Oklahoma. He, med school, me journalism. This was a cute post!

High Street Cottage said...

How awesome that you got to meet Rachel Welch, very cool. You and your fiance make a great couple. Chicago is such a fun city. Thanks for stopping by the high street cottage and for your nice comment, tami

Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

Oh you are so lucky! Oprah and Martha- would love to see one of them. Your Chicago trip looks like fun!

micah @ the yellow front door said...

So fun! I'm jealous that you got to see the Big O!

Michelle said...

How totally FUN! So glad I found your post on "Inspiration Friday". It was refreshing - I'm already tired of all the Christmas decor posts and I haven't even Christmas decorated my own house yet! :)


Vanessa said...

Hi Tatum! It was so fun to see the post from you pop up at Inspiration Friday this week! What a fun trip! I have always wanted to go to a taping of Opray and it sounds like you guys had an absolute blast. Thanks so much for joining in the fun this week!

Brandi said...

Wow Tatum how exciting! That's so nice that you guys were all able to get together and go!


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