October 17, 2010

Dining Decor

Remember my dining room and all of the many changes? It first looked like this:

Kind of splochy with ugly wallpaper trim. And then we took the ugly trim off:

And then the room went through some CRAZY orange color changes that you can read about here.  Just to ultimately end in this color below:

Now the next step was to make this room interesting. Once the paint dried and I'm certain several weeks later we purchased a couple items to make the wall less boring.

Candle wall sconces from Target! These are perfect because if they aren't holding candles, they can hold flowers! So after spiffing up the walls a bit, I ran into the kitchen and grabbed some place settings and a plain set of white dishes that I purchased from Walmart for only $6.00 on sale added some flowers and made the room a little bit more welcoming!

It's not the greatest but it's a start! And it made Miss Impatient (me) feel a little bit better. But what's up with that skinny white light fixture! Lets take a closer look:

 It's an ugly torchiere!!! Why in the world is this skinny ugly light fixture in this room that is trying it's best to progress? There are many other unfinished rooms in this house that could temporarily house this homely light fixture. It has got to go! Stay tuned!



Ann Nichols said...

The room is making great progress! |It's looking quite cozy with the light hitting above. Definitely an improvement from the start! I will stay tuned to see what you do next.

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

The room is looking more fabulous! The wall colour really adds some great personality! Angie xo

Debbie said...

It is coming along nicely Tatum!!~ I love your blog...and so glad you found mine. Looking forward to seeing you more. Every Friday I have a thrift party, and every other Wed...I do a before and after party.


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