October 9, 2010

Decor Needed, Any Decor!

If you've been following this blog then you know that we have been tackling a lot of tasks and the one thing that we've finished are the living room and dining room floors. We still have an incomplete kitchen; and a dining room that initially had multiple personalities but now just needs some flare. So considering that we have so much to do I needed to work with what we had and look for a deal!

After rummaging through our unpacked boxes I pulled out these two pieces of artwork that used to hang in one of our bathrooms at our condo. But they fit perfectly right here, what do you think?

This artwork made me VERY happy! Considering that all of the walls were blank. There was much more that we needed however. So I went to Target and purchased these:

So we measured and leveled:

We hung the curtain rods:

And Tada!!

Now we noticed immediately that the rods I chose looked a bit skimpy but WHO CARES?!! The room is coming to life! (one day I'll replace them because deep down they bother me...just a little bit...and my impatient self preferred to hang them instead of taking them back for something bigger)

You might have even noticed the lights. Initially we were using mismatched lamps because since we had so much more room in our new home we needed more lighting and had to place lights from other rooms in the living room. After going to Bed Bath and Beyond, I came home with these beauties:

That adorable little light at the bottom is a night light! I was so tickled by it.  

Those skinny little curtain rods hung there on the wall for a good two weeks before we finally put something on them, so after another day at Bed Bath and Beyond we purchased a set of red drapes.... Well it wasn't that easy. We needed 95" drapes because our walls are rather high. The particular store we were at only had one panel, so what did we do? Buy that one panel and drive to another store to get their only 95" panel of the same curtain.  We needed two more after that and the very last two that existed were out of driving range so they shipped them to us.  You might be wondering why we didn't just purchase an entirely new set that was in stock, well as previously mentioned I was looking for a deal and these particular drapes were being discontinued which meant MAJOR DISCOUNT! So we went home and hung a panel on each rod and waited for the other two. Once they arrived we immediately put them up and for the first time in a long time we had one partial completed room that felt like someone lived in it.

Since we don't have a foyer we dusted off a mirror and table that was still packed away waiting for a permanent home, and created a little foyer table area to the right of the door:

Ahh, if only the rest of the house felt this pleasant. It's getting there though! 


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KarenSue said...

I love these prints, they fit perfect! I'm like you when I'm hunting down a bargin. I will drive anywhere to find it(gas doesn't count toward the purchase of this bargin). Your hubbie looks very cute measuring! You lucky girl. I eye ball everything. Love the space!
Enjoy your weekend,

Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

I really like the color of those new curtains...they match your pictures perfectly!

Daydream Living said...

Hi Tatum,
I have to say, you did a good job! Together with your hubby ofcourse, it looks good together. I even see some Dutch tulips (being from Holland I love them ofcourse). Enjoy your work, Night!

Ann Nichols said...

The room most certainly is "coming to life" Tatum! You're going to really enjoy this room during the holidays!I'm enjoying following along with you! Thanks so much for visiting me at my history blog and for your lovely comment!

Laney said...

Doesn't it feel so good to sit in a completed room?

Everything looks great!

~Cherie said...

Hey dear sister. I find it HILARIOUS that my future brother-in-law is so conveniently shirtless in so many pics...HILARIOUS. I think he loves all the comments on his physique. I guess he's earned it, but I can't help but give a little grief. So happy you're in the blogging world!

Tatum said...

Hey Von,

Whats funny is that a lot of these photos were taken before I even thought of blogging. He's just in his normal at home wear. Taking off his shirt is the first thing that he does lol! I'm sure he appreciates the compliments though. I know that I will be hard pressed to find a photo with his shirt on!

Christopher Duckworth said...

You know what's even more hilarious: What's the very first thing my best bud Camden does when he gets home? He's practically a Chippendale, just like his best friend! Just fast forward 3 decades and viola! Like father, like son I guess. :) Besides, almost all of these pictures were taken before this blog existed (or even contemplated).


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