September 22, 2010

Words Have Wings

So today I had a little special surprise in the mail! It was a package from Compendium and the Live Inspired Blog. A couple of weeks ago I went to the Live Inspired Blog and read a post entitled Words Have Wings. The post was about the power of words and how it's possible to make someones day by randomly leaving little notes of joy.
The notes are actually adorable little 2x2 window cards that send expressions of gratitude, thanks, and pure inspiration.

The goal was to send the window cards out to a broader population and Meredith Clark, the Managing Editor extended the opportunity to get involved. I sent them my address and said I would love to be a part of this venture!

So when I got home today, I received my cards!! It made me extremely happy. Immediately I gave my first card away to my precious fiance Chris. The card was Bliss and the message inside was "There is no time like the pleasant." I LOVE that!!

Tomorrow is a special day, it's my birthday! And I look forward to making someone feel just as special as I felt when I received the cards and just as blessed as I will be to spend another wonderful day with the ones that I love.

So here's to inspiration!! God Bless!!

Have a fabulous day everyone!!



Christopher Duckworth said...

Happy Birthday, babydoll! I hope it's as amazing as all the things you do. :)

Cotton Blossom said...

Hey! Loved your 'About Me' and that picture of you and your husband (I assume) is SMASHING!
I'll be poking around...

Becca's Dirt said...

Happy birthday. Libra is a very good sign. Mine is on Tue the 28th. Getting old here. great post. I love those cards. I am a big card giver.

Laney said...

Happy birthday! I hope this coming year is the best ever!

I love the cards, and you are a very good photographer. Awesome light!:-)

Brenda Kula said...

Happy, happy birthday!

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Happy Birthday Tatum! I hope your birthday is fabulous! How wonderful that you get to take part in a project like this and share positive words and affirmations with people! I know that when you leave comments on my certainly makes my day! I think it must speak to your are a truly warm and kind person! Angie xo


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