August 21, 2010

Playing Catch Up!!

So remember that little issue I have of not enjoying shopping? Well I was supposed to be on a mission to learn how to shop by starting with simply $30 a week, since I am a woman and that is apparently what I am "supposed" to enjoy doing. Needless to say I fell off of that mission a bit due to being distracted with other things that are important to me.

Well, I'm back now and trying to play catch up so here are a few purchases that I made after Chris forced me out of the house with the debit card:

In this photo I am wearing a new black tank from Target, a really comfy sweater-ma-giggy from Target and a silver necklace from Kohls that sounds like the bells from santa's sleigh when I walk...I love that!!

In the next photo I am wearing a gray sweater from Marshalls. Well, actually it just might be a dress because I can pull it down to my mid thigh. I guess if I want to wear leggings I could do the dress thing, but I'm thinking not. Though leggings may look okay on some people, I firmly believe that when they were in style in the 90's, thats where they should have stayed. So, take a look at my sexy, sexy sweater!!

So there you have it, I'm back on the move. Stay tuned for more updates because I am several weeks behind!!


1 comment:

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

You look beautiful Tatum... Great purchases! I'm NOT a clothes horse OR a shoe person either, It gets scary when I look at a photo maybe 10years old(OK even more than that), and I'm "standing there in the SAME clothes"!!! I make up for it though in My GARDEN and what I buy for that,hehe!
Hugs, Donna


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