August 24, 2010

Appliance Smart!

Remember when I said that the house came with zero appliances except for a broken dishwasher? Well we decided that since we needed every single appliance a home could need, we would be smart about it. Smart as in Appliance Smart!

That's right folks, a friend of ours made us aware that this place existed and on our way we went. After having spent tons of money eating out, we realized we'd do much better if we didn't have to throw our leftovers away... Enter Refrigerator!!

When we entered the store it was almost like opening the gates to appliance heaven. We decided to transport the fridge on our own, so off we went to get a Uhaul. When we got it home it was like admiring a brand new car with the new car smell and everything! It was the one thing new and fresh in the house. So now that we had this stainless beauty, we could keep our to go food cold and eat it again because we already had a microwave so we were doing good.

I know we only purchased the fridge but the oven and dishwasher, would soon be well on their way!

So even though we were still eating out, it's like we got twice the amount for the price of one because we were able to store leftovers in the fridge and just like that...dinner for 2 days lol! Not to mention all of the other yummy refrigerated store bought goodies that you take for granted when you don't have a fridge... goodies like ice cream!


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