August 29, 2010

My Little Guys

On Friday evening Chris and I got to watch my two youngest nephews Camden (5) and Jamison (2) while my sister Vonetta and her husband went out for a night with friends.  We went out for pizza, and dairy queen that night.

Going out with the boys is always a ton of fun but it requires a bit of homework because our precious Cam has an allergy and can't eat everything. You'll occasionally find us reading the box or bag of ingredients which is what I had to do before we ordered a hamburger from dairy queen.

The next morning began at 6am for Chris when Camden apparently entered our room because he was itchy and snotty.  I woke up at 7 completely shocked to see a little 5 year old curly headed boy sleeping right next to me. Soon thereafter, he was whispering "auntie when are you going to wake up?" and like a good auntie I was up!

Jamison is completely opposite from Camden. When he wakes up, he pretty much does not want to be bothered. He will stay quiet in his room and when you come to get him he might either smile and bounce around a bit, or he will look at you with annoyance because you had the audacity to come into the room without his morning coffee.

Now normally, when the boys spend the weekend Chris is up bright and early with them. I am not much of a morning person at all so Chris will get up, get them fed and have my coffee brewing by the time that I roll out of bed. However, this particular morning I was already kind of awake, so up I went.

We went downstairs and had cookie crisp! My house isn't necessarily kid proof. My sofa is a suede material and my dining room chairs are fabric, a light cream fabric at that. Now I am not anal when it comes to feeding time and I always want to boys to feel comfortable. Normally I will drape the sofa with towel or something when they are eating pizza or spaghetti but other than that, I pretty much let them do their thing. Sooner or later the house will be to a point where they will have their special little spot for messy meals.

About an hour or so later, Chris was up and at em, and the monster came out to attack them!

After baths and getting dressed...several hours later off to the park we went.

That tiny kid was awakened from a deep slumber in the car. Can't you just see the lack of interested on his face? He was in a fog for quite a while completely disinterested in the park:

Cammy on the other hand jumped right in:

So after climbing:



And watching the ducks

It was time to take the little guys home. They hate this part, and always want to stay longer, but I'll spare you the sad faces filled with tears. To make matters easier on all 4 of us, we hung out with them for a lot longer once we got them home. By the time we left they were headed to bed and happy to see their parents again.

It was a great weekend!



Jessica said...

Hi Tatum!
It looks like you had a great weekend! What a great aunt you are to take the boys and love them up! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for becoming my first follower! I am looking forward to checking out your blog!

~Cherie said...

Your nephews are gorgeous! I can't imagine how attractive their parents must be! Such beauty, such striking, striking beauty. Wow...I'm speechless. :-)


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