August 25, 2010

Lets Get Cooking!

Well after dwindling away all of our hard earned money on restaurant after restaurant we figured after a couple of weeks from our refrigerator purchase that it was time to get cooking!! We went back to our trusty appliance store and purchased a friend for the fridge, Enter Stove:

Now we thought we'd try something a little different here. We have cooked with a gas stove before and an electric stove before, but we've never owned a glass top. Our first thoughts when we saw the glass top was, perfect! This is electric but different and it will be easy to clean.

Fast forward about a couple months...though it still works great I'm no longer a fan. The oh so easy cleaning glass top does not stay flawless. No matter how many times I clean it I still see evidence of wear and tear on the glass.

 Now, in defense of the stove manufacturer, though I did some research before we made this purchase we didn't go out and buy specific cookware better suited for this type of cook-top. We just used what we already owned.

In the future we will definitely go for something that looks flawless when you clean it and not scratched up. We will also heed any advice that says, unless you want to buy an entire new collection of pots and pans, stick with what works and not necessarily with what looks new and shiny.


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Comeca Jones said...

She is a beauty though.


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