August 18, 2010

Oh The Holidays...

As previously mentioned, it was a bit of a challenge to go full throttle during the holidays given the state of our home. However, I try to do something during the holidays that make me giggle and either tickle or frighten my family. I like to google fancy cake creations and then put my amateur cake design skills to work. The problem with this is that their isn't any skill involved which is why my version leaves much to be desired, but it tastes good! Here is the Thanksgiving creation:


Lol!! What do you think? I couldn't find those silly little turkey socks anywhere. Chris helped me carve the legs. He's always so helpful when it comes to my crazy ideas. Though my sister hosted that year, my parents decided to bring the turkey and were shocked and tickled when they got there and realized that there was already a turkey on the center of the table!!

And then there was Christmas. This was more of a challenge for me because as much as I wanted to feel festive I was surrounded by incompleteness! You can see here how I had random Christmas items mixed in with CRAZINESS:

And how about this pic? Me in a room with 2 old sofas, 2 new sofas, a bunch of miscellaneous stuff that you can't see and a meager attempt at Christmas joy. Did I mention that Chris was soon to be heading out of town to be with his family? I'm sure that had something to do with the gloom.

Chris and I did our best to at least make our house feel Christmasy (yea, I made that word up) from the outside. We hung a wreath and put lights in the windows! I'd love to show you but we can't locate that picture. However, amidst the craziness of preparing for Christmas I made myself giggle again with this little ditty!

Yep, that's right folks, my skills in action again. If you're curious about how the original looks here you go:

Now I'm sure you think that the original is much better, but I needed REAL icing. If that meant that pretty goes out the window then so be it!! I even garnished mine with miniature candy bars, broken iced garland and topped it with an uneven star. I bet the original creator of this beautiful, much better than mine cake couldn't even begin to think of something as clever and creative as that, he he he! 

Christmas got even better when I got to my parents to be with ALL of my family. They again looked a bit leery yet tickled when I showed up with my funny looking super yummy tower Christmas tree cake. I had a ton of fun making it. However, I did make something else quite pretty with the help of my dad and my nephew Camden:

This was a fun crafty little project. What a great way to spend quality time with the ones you love!


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Christopher Duckworth said...

HAHA!! This post is just classic! Personally, I think our creations have more character.


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