August 11, 2010

Be Inspired!!

Yesterday was really challenging for me. I started the day feeling great just to have it all taken from me out of the blue. Though the day became a challenge I shook it off as much as I could. After calling Chris I knew the day would only get better which it did when he decided that when we got home we'd celebrate Friday Eve. Friday Eve is obviously on Thursday and on that day we stay up late, watch movies and order take out to celebrate the coming of Friday! It's our little quirky thing but it makes us happy.

Given the challenge of my day he thought it was imperative that Friday Eve be celebrated on Tuesday, and it did make everything better :-) He's so good at fixing things! Especially me.

The reason that I am mentioning my day yesterday is because today was a much better day. Once Chris and I got home and settled in for the evening I grabbed my computer and moseyed over to The Lettered Cottage. Just so happens, Layla was guest posting on the Live Inspired Blog today. I believe that I was meant to go there because her post, Living On Purpose was right what I needed to read. I was entirely inspired by her post and inspired by the video for The 5 book that she recommended...and that I am totally purchasing!

So for those of you who need inspiration check out, it will make you smile.


1 comment:

Lettered Cottage said...

SO glad you enjoyed the post! :-)
And I'm so glad you invited me over here...can't wait to read all about your new house, your new ring and everything in between!



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